Someone once said, “Grandmas are mothers with lots of frosting.” No doubt, our grandmas hold a special place in our heart… and in our psyche, even long after they’re gone. I still dream of my dearly departed grandmothers at least once a week.

Sure, sometimes grandma will make an appearance in our dream when we’ve been thinking about her and missing her, as a means of compensation for her not being a part of our life anymore but I have found in my research that more often than not, Grandma visits our dreamscape for an entirely different reason. In fact, I’ve found that there are two main reasons we’ll find ourselves dreaming of Grandma.

The dream in the audio clip below is a great example of what the grandmother archetype really means in a dream. Michelle called into my Blogtalk radio show The Dream Zone, which you can hear every Thursday afternoon from 6 – 7pm EST (3 – 4pm Pacific), with a pretty funny dream about her grandma that really had her scratching her head. Naturally, she thought it might be a visit from Grandma’s spirit… but it was not! However, the grandmother archetype in Michelle’s dream DID have some wise advice for her:

Now, I’m not saying that those who have passed on can’t communicate with us through our dreams, I kinda lean towards the fact that they can. But it’s important to keep in mind that whenever you dream of a departed loved one, it’s not always going to be their spirit. In fact, most of the time it’s not (remember everything and everyone in a dream is symbolic of some part of you). In Michelle’s case, Grandma represented the part of her that was old enough to know better! That’s really what our dreams are all about, after all, helping us see our current issues in a better light – sometimes a brutally honest light – so that we can make better decisions and do the right thing for ourselves. Come to think of it, the grandma is a great visual to attach to your dreams because, like a grandma, dreams are full of sage advice… once we learn to understand them.

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