I woke up to the awful news Meat Loaf passed away. You guys, I am so freaking heart broken. Anyone who knows me, knows how much and how long I have loved Meat Loaf.  To honor him, please allow me to share this little story with you…

When I was in high school, I had a pet tarantula that I named Meat Loaf. My tarantula, like his namesake, was such a rock star that my high school paper did a story on him!

Maaaaany years later, when I became a professional Dream Analyst and was doing radio interviews every morning, my dear friends Stacy Cole and Dave Kallaway – morning show hosts at WIFC in Wausau, WI –  invited me on the air to help them interview Meat Loaf because they knew I was such a big fan. This was 2010, I believe, when he was doing the rounds to promote his new album at the time Hang Cool Teddy Bear.

You guys, I got to tell him about my tarantula!! He did say that this was a strange interview but…  I’m pretty sure he was flattered. ???  Anyway, he then asked me about a recurring dream he has of being naked on top of a bus. And thankfully, Dave over at WIFC was able to dig up that interview and you can listen to it and find out what Meat Loaf’s naked bus dream means!


Oh my heart… My facebook has been pinging all morning with friends sending me condolences. That’s how much Meat Loaf was a part of me. Meat Loaf, I’ve no doubt you’re in “Paradise” now. ?

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