• Why our dreams are the most powerful part of who we are
  • 5 most common dreams and what they mean
  • Why we get recurring dreams
  • 5 tips to decoding your dreams
  • 3 tips to easily remember your dreams


  • NEW YEARS: How Your recurring dreams help you with your New Years resolutions
  • VALENTINES: The Most common sex and relationship dreams and what they mean
  • BACK TO SCHOOL TIME: The most common back at school dreams and what they mean
  • HALLOWEEN: The 5 most common NIGHTMARES and why they are good for you
  • CHRISTMAS: The 5 stress dreams that are warning you that you are about to lose it!

Find out what SEX DREAMS Really mean and which gender has the most Orgasms while dreaming. And More!

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Loewenberg has become my go-to person on dreams. She’s knowledgeable, insightful, a creative thinker who’s fast on her feet, and has a rare feel for the perfect sound byte–a priceless resource! – Barbara Crook, freelance journalist

Dreams have intrigued mankind since the beginning of time.

We ALL dream and we ALL wonder what they are and what they mean.

Dreams are a timeless topic for your article and Lauri Loewenberg is THE expert you need to make your article fascinating, informative… and fun! Lauri has researched and analyzed well over 75,000 dreams from people of all walks of life from all over the world. She also appears on 3 – 7 radio shows, of all different formats, every morning, allowing her to keep her finger on the pulse of what is “trending” in the dreaming mind of society.

Lauri has done her own PR for the last 14 years, which has made her a pro at coming up with interesting dream related angles and timely topics that will really speak to your readers. Whether it’s an evergreen article about dreaming in general or something more timely, such as exploring why Nightmares are good for you (for your Halloween issue), Lauri will make your job as a writer easier!

Lauri’s expertise has been sought out and used in articles that have appeared in:


  • Esquire
  • Health & Spirituality
  • All You
  • Cosmo (U.S. and Germany)
  • Glamour
  • Investor’s Business Daily
  • Jane
  • Maxim
  • Modern Bride
  • Modern Psychology (Sweden)
  • Prevention
  • The National Enquirer (UK)
  • Woman’s World
  • Woman’s Day


  • The Nashville Scene
  • Wausau City Pages
  • Las Vegas Weekly
  • Sioux City Weekender
  • The Memphis Flyer
  • Style Weekly (Richmond, VA)
  • Monday Magazine (Victoria, BC)
  • Toledo Free Press
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • The Chattanooga Free Press
  • The Denver Post
  • Metro (UK)
  • The Seattle Times
  • The Tampa Tribune
  • The Tennessean… and more!

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