• ON-THE-SPOT: Live, on the spot dream interpretations for audience/viewers
  • DREAM POWER: Why our dreams are the most powerful part of who we are
  • TOP FIVE: 5 most common dreams and what they mean
  • RECURRING DREAMS: Why we get recurring dreams and why you should never ignore them
  • HOW TO DECODE AND RECALL YOUR DREAMS: 5 tips to decoding your dreams/-3 tips to easily remember your dreams


  • NEW YEARS: How Your recurring dreams help you with your New Years resolutions
  • VALENTINES: The Most common sex and relationship dreams and what they mean
  • BACK TO SCHOOL TIME: The most common back at school dreams and what they mean
  • HALLOWEEN: The 5 most common NIGHTMARES and why they are good for you
  • CHRISTMAS: The 5 stress dreams that are warning you that you are about to lose it!


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Dreams are always a hot topic! Everyone dreams and wonders what their dreams mean… And Lauri Loewenberg has become the go-to expert with the media.

With a background in theater and over 20 years of dream research under her belt, Lauri is the perfect expert to put on your show. Her media savvy, coupled with her ability to explain the confusing and mysterious language of dreams in simple and practical terms, has made her a media favorite. Book Lauri on Your TV Show and WOW Your Audience

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