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Everyone dreams and wonders what their dreams mean… And Lauri Loewenberg has become the go-to expert with the media. With a background in theater and over 20 years of dream research under her belt, Lauri is the perfect expert to put on your show. Her media savvy, coupled with her ability to explain the confusing and mysterious language of dreams in simple and practical terms, has made her a media favorite.

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Top 1O Segment Ideas



  • ON-THE-SPOT: Live, on the spot dream interpretations for audience/viewers
  • DREAM POWER: Why our dreams are the most powerful part of who we are
  • TOP FIVE: 5 most common dreams and what they mean
  • RECURRING DREAMS: Why we get recurring dreams and why you should never ignore them
  • HOW TO DECODE AND RECALL YOUR DREAMS: 5 tips to decoding your dreams/-3 tips to easily remember your dreams


  • NEW YEARS: How Your recurring dreams help you with your New Years resolutions
  • VALENTINES: The Most common sex and relationship dreams and what they mean
  • BACK TO SCHOOL TIME: The most common back at school dreams and what they mean
  • HALLOWEEN: The 5 most common NIGHTMARES and why they are good for you
  • CHRISTMAS: The 5 stress dreams that are warning you that you are about to lose it!

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What people are saying

Dr. Sanja Gupta

Our dreams are trying to tell us something…but what? Lauri Loewenberg has hit a nerve in the American psyche by giving meaning to our dreams.

Jan Brehm

After Lauri helped me understand a disturbing dream about my daughter, it stopped me cold. I knew instantly it was about a project I had abandoned years ago. The dream gave me the impetus to move forward so I plunged myself into the work, and two years ago I launched a DVD guide to help couples with menopause.

Raha Sovereign

It is really true that when we dream it’s another part of ourself communicating and helping us. The dream world has its own language and meanings and Lauri has a wonderful mastery of this area! She is highly accurate, sensitive, intuitive, caring, and so many times right on the mark, showing me aspects I had not even considered, but that really makes sense and have truly helped me in my life.

Nikole Daniels

I have submitted many dreams to Lauri and each evaluation has helped me to grow as a person in my waking life. It has increased my confidence in my own abilities, moved me to total independence and I’ve never been happier. I always joke that she’s better than any therapist and a lot cheaper too!!

Jennifer Keyes Holt, MI

I had no idea this dream had SO MUCH to tell me. I’m so glad I turned to you! I’m thankful for the guidance this dream has given me.

Stacey Ulrich

It’s amazing how everything in the dream makes sense. I can stop obsessing over feeling guilty about the dream. Your interpretation helped me to actually forgive myself for something I couldn’t help. For 9 years I’ve been struggling with depression because of it.


Having my dreams analyzed by Lauri has changed my life! Finding out what my dreams are telling me is like a Christmas gift to open. My dreams have become tools for me to understand my life and to change it to the better.

Jennifer Hughes

Being able to understand my dreams has helped me to deal with the relationships in my life like never before. Lauri helped me see that my dreams were giving me red flags about a certain person. I got rid of him immediately and now have an awesome man in my life that my dreams approve of!

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