Sometimes it’s hard to decide what New Year’s resolution to make because there are so many things we’d like to change, and some of us don’t even bother with it. If this sounds like you then you may be interested to know that – whether you can’t decide or you don’t think it’s worth it – your inner subconscious mind knows what you should change in this new year… and it has probably been nagging you about this for quite some time.  In other words, if you have any of the following common recurring dreams, then you have got yourself fertile ground for a New Year’s resolution!

Being chased – If you’re constantly running from something or someone in your dreams at night, then odds are you’re avoiding an issue in waking life. In general, chasing dreams are caused by “fight or flight” situations where you choose “flight” or avoidance rather than “fight” or confrontation. Perhaps you’re the type that tries to get out of obligations, or you avoid someone rather than having that needed confrontation with them. Whatever the case, if this is your recurring dream then avoidance and procrastination is your issue.

The resolution – Resolve to face and deal with your issues this year, no matter how difficult they may be. You can’t run forever.  Avoidance is never a good way to handle an issue.  All it does is prolong the pain and anxiety. Like ripping off a band aid, it may be difficult or painful for a moment, but once it’s taken care of the relief will feel so good!

Tornadoes – If this is your recurring dream then you are likely a proud card-carrying member of the worry wart club! Tornadoes are a classic symbol for worry and anxiety over approaching doom.  The spinning of the tornado is also important as it is connected to the idea that you feel something in your life is spinning out of control. These dreams are showing you your own worry in the form of a tornado so that you can understand the destructive force it has on your psyche.

The resolution – Time to channel your inner storm chaser this year and confront these worries head on. First, identify what your worry is connected to. Is it something you have no control over like world affairs or someone else’s issue?  If so then know that all you can do is change your reaction to it.  Rather than fearing the worst, hope for the best or remove your mind from it altogether.  If your tornado dreams are the result of worry over a current situation directly connected to you that you can change, then stop focusing on what you fear the end result may be and start focusing on what you want the end result to be. A simple shift in your thought process can make huge positive changes in your life.

Your mate is cheating – This dream has caused a lot of men to get slapped first thing in the morning! But it rarely means that your mate is actually getting his or her pleasures elsewhere.  It DOES mean, however, that there is a third wheel in the relationship. No, not necessarily a person but rather a thing. There is something that your mate is giving too much time and attention to and it is causing you to feel “cheated” out of the time and attention you feel you should be getting.  Usually the third wheel is work, but it could be something like fantasy football, the X Box, golf or a new baby that’s taking all the focus away from the relationship.

The resolution – Resolve to carve out more time for each other.  Ask your mate if they can cut back a bit on all the time he or she is giving to this other thing. Don’t be naggy about it. Offer up a compromise.  “If you cut back on X then I’ll cut back on Y,” for example.  If this isn’t possible because the third wheel is work or a new baby, then make a date night. Once a week make sure you create a time and place where it is just the two of you focusing on nothing else but each other. This will not only fan the flames in your relationship, it will stop those awful cheating dreams dead in their tracks!

Filthy, clogged or out of order toilets – This dream often has major Eew factor! It’s also one I get a lot.  In this dream you gotta go! But you either can’t find a toilet or the ones you do find are nasty, clogged, out of order or even in a place where everyone can see you go! This recurring dream means you have a recurring behavior pattern of “holding in” your frustrations and negativity rather than “”relieving yourself” and opening up about what is bothering.  These dreams are showing you what you are doing to your inner psychological plumbing: you are allowing it to get backed up! The more you hold in what you feel is “crappy,” the more life will stink!

The resolution – This year, start working on letting it out.  It doesn’t matter what others think of you. If something is bothering you, holding it in is the worst thing you can do. That will only lead to tense relationships, angst, headaches and even back pain! When we hold in emotional frustration, it starts to affect us physically.  So let it out and flush it away.  You’ll be surprised how well those that are frustrating you will be able to handle it… and most importantly, you’ll be surprised how great your clean, clear emotional plumbing feels!

Teeth falling out – Believe it or not, this dream has nothing to do with your oral hygiene! Anything having to do with the mouth in a dream is actually connected to the way you have been communicating lately.  Loose teeth in a dream mean loose speech in waking life. And if they fall out of your mouth uncontrollably, then odds are you’ve let something slip out of your moth the previous day. If you gossip, if you say things without thinking about it or tend to continually say things you wish you hadn’t, you’re likely very familiar with this recurring dream.

The resolution – Start thinking before you speak! Once it’s out of your mouth, you can’t put it back in.  Be mindful that what you say affects others. The loss of teeth in waking life would make you worry about your looks the same way bad communication might make you worry about how you appear to others.  Just as you polish those pearly whites for aesthetics, polishing up your communication skills will make you shine too.

It’s a new year.  Why not create a new you?

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