butterfly_windowsill-300x264I’m often asked about those dreams we have about our loved ones after they die. Are they really coming through to us while we dream? Read on to find out what I think. This is a correspondence between a lady who was recently widowed and me…

My husband died 9 months ago and since then I have had four short dreams of him. I’ve seen his face in only one of the dreams. In all of the others we are side by side – in one he is driving, in another we are going through the mail, and in the other we are standing at his workbench.
– Valerie, Chicago, IL

Lauri: Your dreams during this time can be very helpful to your grief process as well as comforting. I believe you may have  seen his face in only one of the dreams because it has been difficult to “face” the reality of his passing. That’s usually what it means when we can’t see faces in a dream, there is something difficult to face in waking life. As the grief lightens, rest assured, you will have dreams where you can see his face.

In the dream where you are side by side, I believe that it is him, his spirit, his consciousness, letting you know that he is still with you, by your side. Believe me, I have heard countless dreams from people who have lost loved ones and they entail this same sort of detail where the loved one shows he or she is still around.

In your other dream he is driving because – I believe for two reasons – on one level (the spiritual level) he is driving because he is not only with you but also guiding you right now as you try to navigate through the grief. And on another level (the psychological level), he is driving because he is still a driving force in your life, in your thoughts and in your heart. Your grief over him probably drives most of your decisions and even behavior. But that’s okay. You MUST grieve and not be apologetic for it.

I do find it interesting that you are going through the mail. The mail represents your ability to communicate with him, in which case he is letting you know that – through your dreams – he is communicating with you. And even through little signs throughout the day he may be letting you know he is around: in the butterfly that lands on your windowsill, in the bird that lands on your porch and looks at you, in the colors in the sky and in the sound of the wind, he is sending mail to you, messages that he is still around.

Standing at his workbench may be a message of encouragement that you need to and that you can “work” through the grief. And on a deeper spiritual level, he may be telling you that you can feel his presence there when you need to. It is also possible that this could be a message regarding your own work or job. Anything going on there? Perhaps he is telling you to hang in there and that he is, as always, by your side.

While I can’t say with 100% certainty that your husband is communicating with you through these dreams, I can say that I have heard enough “after death” dreams to draw my own personal conclusion that our loved ones can communicate while we are in the dream state. That’s not to say every dream you have about you husband will be him – sometimes he will be standing in for your own male, assertive, get ‘er done energy… but sometimes it could be him. You’ll know. Those dreams feel different than other dreams and you wake from them still feeling him near you, even smelling him. I believe he is with you, around you and communicating with you.

Read one of my personal experiences with dreams and death.

Valerie replies: Your analysis is spot on and has brought me a great deal of comfort and joy. Yes, it has been difficult to “face” the reality of Christopher’s sudden passing.  I so look forward to when I can see his face in my dreams. I do believe he is still with me and has been communicating with me. In the dream where I saw his face, I walked in the front door and saw him bent over to pick something up. I said “Oh, there you are” and he stood up and said “Yeah, I’m right here. Where’d ya think I was?”

Funny you mentioned a butterfly and a bird. Prior to emailing you today I noticed a colorful butterfly on the windowsill – a very unusual sight in April in Chicago. And on two occasions since his passing birds have flown close and touched me and that never happened before in my life. There have been many other “communications” including his picture falling off the china cabinet into my purse on Christmas day – I now understand he “mailed” me a Christmas card.

Most amazing is that you mentioned my job in regards to the workbench dream. He wanted me to quit my demanding job, but I knew the economy would eventually take its toll and I wanted to stick it out to get the severance package. By the end of August grief and the tense work environment were taking their toll. As I was getting dressed I said out loud “Alright Christopher, if this job is ending let’s get it over with.” Three hours later I was handed my severance package. In the dream the workbench was perpendicular to where it actually is… now that I know the dream has to do with a job I think it may mean to go in a different direction work wise.

Thank you for confirming that loved ones can communicate while we are in the dream state. Grief books only hint at it, but hearing it from an esteemed researcher means so much. Lauri, I am so glad I turned the radio on this morning. I know much of your work concerns funny, strange and wild dreams, but I’m sure you know how important dreams are to those of us experiencing loss. I know I am blessed to have had dreams of my Christopher – a lady in my grief group would give anything to dream of her husband. Thank you for the work you do and thank you for your sweet analysis of my dreams. I have printed your email and will reread it whenever I need a pick me up.

After hearing me on WGN in Chicago, Valerie went to my site and purchased a personal dream interpretation. As you can see, dreams have an awful lot to tell you! 

“Dreams really do hold the answers! Thank you so much for your interpretation. It totally made sense. It helped me to avoid making the mistake of a life time.”  – Judy, Strathroy, Ontario


60 thoughts on “Do the Dead Communicate With Us In Our Dreams?

  1. Erica says:

    My mom died 21 yrs ago and I havent dreamt about her since i was 12. Last night I dreamt that i was at the house that i grew up in with my grandmother. I was walking by a window and I had seen hewr on the room that was attached to the house. She waved at me and told me to come down to talk to her. At first i was afraid because i could see right through her. When i finally got the nerve i went and sat down next to her. I dont remember much about the dream but i do remember asking her if she was in pain when she passed. She had passed away because of AIDS. She told me no. I remember asking her if she has been by myside the whole time she was gone and she told me that she has been by myside all the time. The last thing i remember is that my cousins came around and i asked them if they can see her and they said yes… Can you tell me what does this mean?

    1. C.Collins says:

      I also lost my husband of 62 years in 2016 and miss him so much. We had a beautiful marriage & family.This year he has been showing up in my dreams and he is always smiling. In one dream he ask to kiss him and another he picked me some pretty green apples and we were with some his family and still another,we were wiith our decreased Minister and the Minister’s decreased brother.It’s been one dream after another. What does this all mean?

  2. shar holland says:

    my mom passed sept 24,2011..its is now july my father is in hospital for a blood clott..a few nights ago..i had dream where she told me dad was really sick and wouldnt live to see xmas..when i woke i could feel her in my room..i looked at my clock to see what time it was and there was a shaddow blocking half of it…my daughter who is staying in her house dog sitten while my dad in hospital called the next day to tell me the light in the room where she passsed came on at 4 in the morning by itself..that was around the same time i awoke from this dream..could she really be talking to me ????

  3. ellie says:

    my uncle have 15 years the he’s daed and last year i deram about him and i still don’t know why me for his familiy iam no body and i star see a lot of things the i see in my dream i toll my cusin but like in my dream they don’t care and my mind still wondering i fell is something eals and i remember evertyhing what i deram and this year my aunt passed away…one thing the i tool my uncle in my dream uncle whit you we all go to the grabe.and my dream toll me what is going to happen

  4. Lin says:

    My grandfather passed away on January 23,2013 I have had 3 dreams about him. the first one was when i was running through a hospital looking for him and i could hear his voice but couldn’t find him,the second one was him driving me him in his old truck,and the third one which i had last night he was standing in front of me smiling and started to walk away. I then asked him if he had to leave and he nodded yes and when i asked him if he was going to come back he nodded yes again. what does this all mean?

  5. Shelly says:

    A man I knew since I was 24, I am 50 now, passed away 3/9/95. He was on life support for a couple months prior to that. He had been skiing and went off the trail and ended up around a tree, he was air lifted to a hospital and was then in a coma for two months prior to his passing, as his family made the heart wrenching decision to let him go after he wasnt showing any sign of life.
    He had seen me two weeks before he went on that fatal ski trip and we just laughed etc. like we always did.
    He was 34 when he passed and I 32. We had always had an amazing connection an love for each other and at one point he had a ring for me… I feel we are soul mates and would of been together had he not passed away.
    About two years ago I had what I know was a visitation from him. It was a beautiful sunny day and he and I were walking side by side laughing and joking around. He was beaming with love and life and happiness, as was I. I was so very happy to be with him, it was as if it was just another day we were together. Then something he said to me before I awoke. He said holding my hand and laughing together as we walked, “I will see you in June”. I said, “Okay”, lovingly. When I awoke, my heart was at peace and filled with love, my eyes with a tear…. I feel it was a real visitation not a dream! God Bless…

  6. Melissa says:

    I have a question, do you know if it means anything if you don’t dream of someone who passed away. My little sister passed away 15 years ago she was only 13 when she passed away I’m 5 years older than her. I have only had a small handful of dreams about her and I don’t know why I don’t dream about her more often.

  7. Wow, so interesting, My father died years back in 1999 but he recently came in my friend's dream identifying himself with specific words he used, and said that he is always with me and told my friend to relay to me that it is almost over and not to worry. (relating to my ex husband I think).

  8. Dina Aguirre says:

    I have had several dreams about my grandparents after they had passed. When my grandfather Alex passed I dreamt that I was in my grandparents kitchen and the telephone rang, I answered and it was my grandpa saying "everything is going to be all right". I was a young single mother of one. He was right everything did turn out beautifully.

  9. my husband passed away 7 wks ago and ive had 2 dreams that I do see him face to face and the other is when I bring him home from the hospital after a long stay they both are telling us hat hes not dead what does that man.

  10. Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says:

    I'm sorry for your loss Cindy. It is very common, after someone we love dies, to dream that they never really died. This is because you may still be in the denial phase of grief. You are seeing him face to face because your wise dreaming mind is telling you that you need to FACE this unfortunate reality. Your dreams will change as you pass through each phase. It is a process that takes time. Hang in there. Before you know it, he'll be sending you contact dreams… and you'll KNOW it's him!

    1. Miryam Scovil says:

      i had a dream last week that Warren,my husband walking up the steps to come inside.this morning the foot of his recliner was up and the inside front door was open.

  11. Alejandro Javier Hernandez says:

    My friend and heart passed away and he is in my dreams hugging me and kissing me abd telling me hes not gone that hes just sleeping

  12. Tintin Gorospe says:

    My mom died last june 27, 2011 and i would always dreamed. In my dream i don't know that she was dead. I always told my mom that we will go see a doctor for her check up and she would just hug me tightly. I can always feel the warmth of her embrace like its real then suddenly i would wake up to realized it'd just a dream. i dreamed of her for 10 times alredy since she died and with the same hugging scenario. Can somebody interpret to me the.meaning of my dreams. Thanks

  13. Cathy Frase says:

    After my son died January 20th 2913. I had the only dream I have ever had that I spoke to someone and they answered back. I walk into a house and my son was there playing need football with some kids. I asked him what was he doing there. He told me that he was playing with his cousins. That he should have done that more before he died. I screamed his name and hugged him. Above his head was a bright lite. He started to fade and I cried out for him to not go. And he told me he was still there. I pray to god that was my Joey and not just a dream

  14. Yes they do if your willing to listen

  15. Barb Jacks says:

    He will always be with you!

  16. Cathy Frase says:

    That's not good enough I want him here;(

  17. That's weird I had a similar dream of Alex soon after she past…

  18. my best friend died 2 and a half years ago when we were 16 and i have had quiet a few dreams where she has come to visit me and in all of them i know that she is dead and just coming to visit. She is always in a rush saying a quick hello and i am always holding her pulling on her begging for her to stay abit longer telling her how much i have missed her. When i hug her it always feels so warm and real its overwhelming but she is coming into my dreams less and less now and I'm missing her alot

  19. I dreamt my grandmother told me in my dream she never died. What does that mean

  20. Eddie Chou says:

    My dad died almost 3 years ago from Lewy body dementia. My mom, sister, bro in law, nieces and wife just went to Disney World to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday in Nov13. While we were there, 3 nights I dreamed my dad was waiting for us at the hotel bus stop to catch the buses from the resort. He didn't know exactly who I was because he was in the later stage if his illness, but he was pointing at me and smiling really really big like he knew I was someone important in his life. I walked over and hugged him and I would wake up with tears on my face. I am sure he was trying to say hello from the afterlife.

  21. I have dreamt about love ones who have passed and we are all going on a trip…

  22. Norie Evans says:

    Yes it is true. I didn't know my father had passed away 20 years ago. My father came to me in my dream and said his last goodbye. My father told me he won't be coming back and that he is going for good. The next morning I received a letter from my mother that my father had passed away 3 days before. My mother who passed away 15 years ago had come to me in my dream last Easter Monday 2013. My mother who came to me in my dream, stood by my side, lies with me, walked with me in my dream. It was a great feeling when I woke up. It was nice to know that my parents had come to visit me in my dreams.

  23. Norie Evans says:

    God, send forth his angel to deliver a dream to the dreamer. The dreamer sees, hears and understand the message from the deity. The dreamer wake up and react to the dream followed by fulfillment.

  24. Ken Kaplan says:

    Many times when loved ones come to us, in a mysterious way they "use" our subconscious to give us a message. Recently ac woman I worked on with a dream had her dead husband in it and he turned away quickly to leave at one point. There was a Buddhist type woman there with three eyes (the third eye is considered the "eye of intuition") and she represented the dreamer's spiritual wisdom self. His turning away indicated two things as we worked with that
    1) He left at the right time which she had not been able to accept
    2) He wanted her to begin to let of of the feeling of need that she could not move forward in her life and career without his help and to rely now on her own power, especially her spiritual power.

    I say this because in your dreams, and I honor your missing your friend, her being in a rush may contain a message for you. I don't know your life but do you "rush around", perhaps not taking in life as much as you could? Is she signaling how relationships and life are precious and slowing down will give you the opportunity to "smell the flowers" and appreciate things and people more while they are here?

    Sorry to be presumptuous, but in any event, my experience is things in dreams happen for a reason. Especially actions of loved ones who visit. You might journal and allow her to "speak" as to why she was in a rush and was there a message in it for you?

    A friend of mine had a dream with his dead sister and she said she had to come now because later she would have less opportunity. So this may be common more than we think. My experience is the dead are more connected to the Divine and therefore any timetable of visitation is truly according to our need.

    I'm sure your friend still loves you and is aware of you and may come from time to time, but her coming less may signal a message to you a need to look more within yourself for your contentment in life and that you have the ability to appreciate and create friends and loved ones who are still here. You were 16, in a prime stage of growth toward adulthood. It would make sense that she would want you looking forward to all that is before you and by coming less she might be signaling that. Those close to us who have passed are always with us. But they give us what we need, not always what we want.

  25. Ken Kaplan says:

    I think the message is rather simple. Your mom interrupts the doctor visit to give you a deep hug. She is signaling that no medical visit is necessary, she is all right, and she is showing you that she is still with you and how much she loves you.

  26. Kimbrele Joy Johnson says:

    I always dream of my other half..He passed away in December of 2013.We have two kids together.I was pregnant when he passed..I always wonder why I dream about him come to find out I guess thats how we communicate w/ each other.

  27. Carl Hibbs Sr. says:

    My husband died 4/28/14 just after we married 2/14/14. Diagnosed with stg 4 Cancer 3/14/14. I had a dream about him less than a month ago. He was lying on the couch. I was sitting next to him. We were talking about his illness then he went away and I woke up. Just last night I woke up crying because I was dreaming of him in a crowded room. When he saw me he turned into a mouse as he was running. I picked him up and told him I love him, but all he could do was talk to me as a mouse and then he disappeared again. It has left me crying all morning. I want to see him in dreams but it is so hard when I wake up. I miss him soooo soooo much

    1. Jennifer Ayers says:

      Last night my husband who passed in 2003 i didn’t see his face but i felt my hand close like someone was holding it ..I know it was him it’s either he touches my hand or I can feel his arms wrapping around me like he and I used to sleep and I wake up bawling ..even in the visitation before I wake up am already in tears its been 13 years and for some reason I can’t seem to grasp the fact he is gone ..crying as writing this..sorry every time he comes to me I know I should feel more at peace I stay in a weird mood and it’s not that I am scared to sleep it somehow drains me. I saw his face once the first dream not long after he passed ..one other time like last night I know he was there didn’t see his face he’s a hard one to get over I too miss mine so much and when he comes to me ..at first I feel so happy by the end am in tears cause when I feel the release of my hand or his arms move I know he’s not there I wake up looking for him and when I realize he’s not I bust out in tears i want him there with me and he’s not

  28. Sylvie Favero Alkins says:

    My husband comes in my dreams every week since he passed away, a few of the dreams he hugs me and kisses me and tells me that he misses me and thats how i know that he is communicating with me and that he is in heaven and he leaves me signs all of the time. We have a very strong love its beautiful

  29. Cassie Hinde says:

    My brother was murder on hollween of 2014. I have had 3 dreams of him .. I was my mom calling me saying someone put a hit out to kill him.

    The other one was it was ranning and he was danging on my back door so I left him in.. the other one was he was just standing in my dream.

    I could not believe I was dreaming of him.. as I read about all of it. It makes more sense to me why.

  30. Lucy Adams says:

    My father passed away in November 2014. He was 84. My mother and he were married 65 years. She dreams of him several times a week. She says he is always young and happy in the dreams. She hears him in the house now and then, his footfalls in the hallway or a door creaking a little when no one is home but her, little sounds. She sees him in the bathroom that is in their bedroom, just a glimpse from the corner of her eye but when she turns her head, he is not there. Sometimes she smells him laying next to her as she is waking up in the morning. I don't know if he is actually visiting her of if she just misses him. Anyway, it's comforting to think he might actually be visiting her and reminding her of the days they were young and so much in love. She tells me stories of how he stole her heart with his handsomeness and gorgeous green eyes, how they eloped together against her family's wishes because he was very poor. He was devoted to her in his last days, he took very good care of my mother. Maybe he still is taking care of her. What a lovely thought.

  31. Lucy Adams says:

    That's beautiful, Kimbrele.

  32. Vic Keller says:

    My wife past away last april. Practically died in my arms. But the other day I swear while I was sleeping she place her hand on my leg like she used to. It felt tooo real to not have been her. I pray that it happens more and more. It put me in piece that mafe me believe that she's close

  33. Prissy Roth says:

    I lost my first boyfriend six years ago…he was in another relationship as well as I both happy but I keep having dreams of him coming to me trying to have sexual inter course and always telling me he loved me this dream we took that step and he starred at me and told me he loved me always had always will…this is so confusing I don't think of him nor do I need closure so why does he keep coming to me and not his fiancé

  34. My deceased son came to my daughter in a dream, she was going through a hard time in life..He told her to relax now, and that everything's going to be okay, and that he was coming back in 6 months…and that is when her baby was due…My friend who was intuitive, told me my son was going through the pprocess of reincarnation through my daughter …the baby was born 2 days ago.

  35. My husband pass 2 yrs ago from cancer , Iam always having dreams about my husband asking me for a divorce every single time , or asking me. What am I doing with his money , we didnt have a good marriage it was just ok . I did loved him a lot , I was always afraid he was going to leave me. , so I don't know if this is that I was afraid in the pass . Hope somebody can help me with this.

  36. My name is michelle ..my first boyfriend at 16 years old had to leave each other never to be seen again for 20+years we got back together in 2005 and stayed together for 2 years he left again and then he passed away in 2008. I have only had 2 dreams of him in the 7 years he's been gone. This lady dream was in the day time and i seen him and i remember saying with my hand on my mouth ong is it really you? He smiled and said come over here and he kissed me. I could feel the kiss. I woke up so happy that i got to see him again in the dream he was holding a book and it said HEIGHT in the front cover it was big book hardcover and grey. He said i have to go to school and learn this. And he walked away.

  37. Im lyne my husband was dead last 2014 of Apri..i dreamed of him last nyt having intimate moment..can u help me to gve meaning to this dream?

  38. Alice Levy says:

    I dream of my partner most nights he past away on the 8.3.14 aged 25 in my dreams I can feel his face and see him standing right before me as if I was awake he is always smiling but I can never talk to him I always try to but for some reason as soon as I do my dream ends.. Our children are never in the dreams either and this worries I feel like maybe he's forgotten the or maybe carnt face them is there any way I can talk to him??

  39. My husband has been gone for 11 years now. He was 48 when he passed. I don't recall having any dreams of him until here lately. Every night for about 4 nights now. In April I started seeing hearts everywhere. In food, on floors, in nature, on drapes, in clouds and many other places. Is there a meaning behind all this? Sure would be interested in knowing.

  40. My husband past away on 12_12_14 an today I dreamt see him so handsome healthy smiling with open arms I cry a river an also had a black suitcase

  41. Cindy Brown says:

    My husband died 12-10-10 I had a dream about him and woke up exactly 1:58 am. Which i wake up a lot at that time. I saw him standing in my closet door way. Which is the same closet were he got the gun from. He didn't speak had his arms crossed…he looked so young. I woke up in a panic. And felt a strong present around me as if someone was in my room. I jumped up and checked on my granddaughter which was asleep in the chair. I felt her and she was ice cold. I panic again shaking her to wake up because i thought she was dead. Im losing my mind. I googled my dream and this is what i found. I haven't dreamt of him only 2 times or 3

    1. Pamela milano says:

      I also wake up at the same time 4:21am crazy

  42. Last night I dream my dead husband was at my doorstep just standing there, I woke up crying and the first thing that can to me was that he was there for my son

  43. Mary Johnson says:

    My husband died 8years ago recently I dreamed a lot about him .last night i dreamt we driving somewhere an then we walked to the car he was vomiting and hanging on my .we were talking nicely to each other

  44. Irma Mendoza says:

    I been dreaming of my husband for a week and I'm just so mad with him because my dreamsseem so real I'm looking for him and I find him asleep in bed with his sister in law just brings back memories of when he was

  45. Kay says:

    My partner passes away 18/04/2014 by suicide. We had been together for 7 years going on 8 and I remember my first dream of him was only a short month or 2 after his burial. Majority of my dreams I’ve had of him I can still vividly remember. Lately though I have been dreaming of him quite a lot I’ve noticed this week I have had up to 4 dreams a night of him throughout the week. And for some reason the stronger more vivid dreams I have if him usually cause me to wake up to a sore head. I get head aches. I thought maybe my brain activity is way to active while I’m sleeping I don’t know. But is dreaming of him so frequently and vividly normal? I met an old man mid last year who by the way happened to be a spiritual man. He is a relative of my Aunties husband and was visiting. I was wondering why he kept staring at me the day I met him. He would glance over with a smile then look away every so often. I went to bed and left the room full of guests etc and when I woke the next morning my aunty said to me “Babe. That old man that was here last night asked me who the young boy was that was sitting next to you.” And in my head I was trying to think who was sitting next to me physically not spiritually ( hadn’t crossed my mind). Then she carried on saying “he asked who was with you. Then started describing the looks so then we went on to my Facebook to have a look at your photos of your partner. Then the old fulla said that’s him. I freaked out didn’t know how to take in what I was being confronted with then she continues some more “He also said that Darcy followed me from Rotorua (we we lived) all the way to the coast (where I moved to) My aunty then telling me “he can see the other side babe.” I ended up visiting the old man 2 days later for a spiritual healing and it was good while it lasted but now lately I have been dreaming of him a bit more than normal and so so vivid. I love that I see him I just don’t like the feelings that come from dreaming when I awaken although the feelings only last up to half n hour / hour Max. Please help someone. I’m beggining to think he’s haunting me in a good way Lol if that’s even a possibility.

  46. Julie moffat says:

    A few months after my mum died I travelled though a beautiful bright white tunnel at the end of that tunnel was my mum and nana standing next to a tree nothing said or done when I woke that tunnel was still there I was very emotional but it was me crying what does this mean if was so real that was 25 years ago and I still remember it like it was last night.

    1. Julie moffat says:

      I please please please I would love to know did I travel for real

  47. Lisa Capone says:

    My father died just this past June, 2016 from Dementia at age 85. Towards the end he had to go into a secured dementia wing at a nursing home; he didn’t really know us, he had little glimmers here and there when it looked like he recognized us a little. Just the other night, my mother had her first dream about him. They were standing outside their house and my mother was telling him that when she was pulling in the driveway, she hit one of the hedges bordering the driveway (which really happened the other day). The landscapers were coming to cut the grass the next day and my mother was telling my father that she wanted them to fix the hedge, but she didn’t want to tell them she hit the hedge. My father told her to tell them that someone else had hit the hedge and could they fix it. That is something that he would say. My mother said he looked so handsome and was in a suit like he would wear for work. He sold Fords for a living for 40 years. My mother also said he looked younger, his thick curly hair just had a little gray in it like he was in his early 50s. I really, really believe that he visited her and wanted her to see that he is healing and is okay and was his old self again. We miss him so much. He was the center of our family

  48. Pamela milano says:

    So my husband commit suicide at the age of 55. He is in my dreams almost every night. I had this dream that i was in front of his coffin, he sat up in the dream and told me he was sorry and that he was happiest when he was with me.

  49. Amy says:

    Good morning, I have just woken up from a dream and started researching to see if it was possible for my brother to contact me whilst sleeping.
    It was really short and quick and everything was so clear almost like it was in hd everything was very bright and vibrant and happy. I was standing in my nans front garden and my brother who passed away 7 years ago walked up her hallway kissed my nan on the cheek and walked towards me and gave me a huge cuddle. He was holding his now 8 year old daughter she looked how she is now although when he died she was not even 1 years old.
    My brother died in a car crash in 2011 Which destroyed one side of his face as we wasn’t allowed to see him it was that bad. In the dream I only remember seeing one side of my brothers face but he was so happy he had this huge grin that he always used to have.
    On New Years just after midnight me and my sister made a toast to him and all of a sudden we both had the most strange feeling go through our entire bodies from head to toe something you cannot describe. It’s like a ice cold feeling but warm at the same time it’s like i felt a spirit enter my body. My whole body was shaking and a cool wind was floating above us on the sofa. It last a min then went and immediately after I felt peace. It was like all the bad from the life and from the room was gone and cleansed.
    Did he visit me? Is he ok? Will this happen again? I am out of my depth as I don’t really know much about spirits.
    Amy x

  50. Rethabile says:

    The father of my 2 children just died a week ago and has not been buried yet,I recently dreamed of him asking me what am I gonna do with our kids and he was sad then he walked away. When I was at his mother’s house I happened to feel cold like there was something there for a while,then when I was at home breastfeeding while taking a nap I heard something sitting on the bed but when I turned and looked there was nothing there.

  51. Rhetta says:

    My husband passed away December 7, 2017. It has been a struggle, I’ve dreamed about him 3 times. First, he reached out to me and asked me to bring him some water. Then he was sleeping in the bed and his big black dog (which he never had) started barking he came in the room and the dog left, then he went in the kitchen and started cooking. Then he was along with me in my car holding my hand and smiling with me.

  52. Matt says:

    I too feel that there is still a tenuous connection with my dead wife, and that when I dream, we are sometimes briefly connected once again. Each of us, equally confused. Me, forgetting that she died a few weeks ago. Her, angry and pleading with me in her own way for me to fix this.

    Last night, she was very angry at me because apparently she thought I had “ghosted” her. It’s weird because I was not aware of the term “ghosting” until I looked it up just now. It’s a term you use when you just stop texting someone forever. She died with her phone in her hand and was texting me as she passed.

  53. camila says:

    My husband died on 03/09/2017 i have had 2 dreams about him, the first one was 2 weeks after his dead, its been more than a year early this morning i had a dream again, my alarm went off and i woke up but was to tired still so decided to sleep a bit more and it was when the dream happened, i was laying in the same bed and was holding my son he came an hugged us at first a was surprised but not scared i knew he was not alive, i asked him how he was doing he told everything was ok, my son asked where daddy was and i told him he was with god and my husband laugh a bit so i turned and asked are you not? and he told me no, this just the same i dint even realize i was dead until a couple days passed and our son didn’t see me… i asked couple more things like do you eat? how it is ? where do yo live? …he responded everything but of course was like random things like he was living in hair salon etc.. at the end i just felt terrible pain in my leg and i woke up. everything seemed so real the place the way he talked to me even the sarcasm he used was so him, but now I’m not sure if he was trying to tell me something else or it was just a dream that felt very real.

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