As you know, the weather has been crazy lately. With all the flooding and tornadic activity these days, you can’t help but worry. And all that worry can lend itself to turbulent dreams! The following is an excerpt from the Weather Dreams chapter of my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life

Weather changes from one day to the next, even from one moment to the next, and so do our emotions. To the dreaming mind, our emotions are the weather conditions that form and flow within our psyche. Just as a meteorologist tracks the weather in order to keep us informed and prepared to handle the days ahead, so should we track and understand our psychological weather to keep us informed and prepared to handle our lives. If you pay attention, your own dreaming mind will give you the most accurate and reliable emotional forecast available.


When putting this chapter together, I searched all my client files, went through all my published newspaper columns, scanned my members’ forum for various weather dreams and discovered that almost all of the weather dreams I had accumulated were of tornadoes! So I put out a query to my newsletter members soliciting for weather dreams in hopes of getting more variations, and of all the dreams sent in… almost all were still of tornadoes. Sigh. Needless to say, the tornado is an image imbedded deeply and firmly within our collective psyche.

The nature of the approaching tornado is what I believe makes it such a popular dream symbol. If you’ve ever actually experienced a tornado, or even just watched one on TV, it is the waiting and wondering over the uncertainty of its path that impacts you the most, “Which way is it going to go? Is it going to hit my house? How bad will it be? How long until it gets here?” The element of bracing for possible disaster is what plays the biggest role in the meaning behind the tornado dream.

I have had recurring dreams of tornadoes for as long as I can remember. Last night I had a dream that I was in a trailer by myself. There was a horrible storm and then a tornado appeared out of nowhere! The windows started breaking because of the hail. Then the trailer was actually picked up by the tornado and landed safely in another state! – Nancy 36

Lauri: Lifelong recurring tornado dreams are a good indication you are a proud, card-carrying member of the worry-wart club. You’ll find that your tornado dreams are likely to coincide with your bouts of worry or panic. You’ll also find that your bouts of worry are often over something that you cannot control, just as no one can control a tornado, it is an act of God. In this latest dream you are in a trailer, which is the weakest structure you could be in during a tornado. This means you are not feeling very strong at the moment. Then your trailer winds up in another state! Your dream is telling you that you need to move on from this worrisome “state” of mind. Sometimes you’ve gotta let go and let things play themselves out naturally. When you can move into this more relaxed state of mind, your tornado dreams will have no reason to come back.

Nancy replies: Yes I am a worrywart. I worry about everything!! I will have to start keeping track of when I have the dreams and what I am worried about at the time. I always had a feeling that’s what it meant.

As frightening as tornado dreams can be, they are actually good for you because they are alerting you to the fact that you are letting your worry and anxiety get the best of you… and it is often worry and anxiety over something that may not even cross your path. Your dream is showing you your own worry in the form of a tornado so that you can understand the destructive force it has on your psyche.

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