whta-are-dreams-postIn the last 25 years we’ve been learning a lot about the importance of sleep and the harmful effects of not getting enough. In my professional opinion, one of the biggest detriments to a lack of sleep, besides not being able to function at your best and feeling lousy, is the lack of dreaming.

Whether you remember your dreams or not, you enter the dreaming stage of sleep (REM) every 90 minutes throughout the night. Dreaming not only serves the purpose of memory retention, but also serves as a means of figuring out your current issues, coming up with creative ideas and even expressing thoughts and emotions you suppress during waking hours.

I will share with you 3 of my proven tricks to remembering your dreams (we all average 4 to 5 dreams per night) and understanding them. Plus, I’ll give you 3 effective tips to getting a good night’s sleep… You’re not going to get any dreams if you aren’t getting any sleep! Sleeping and dreaming are two of your most powerful built-in resources for a healthier and happier life. Your company and I don’t want you to miss out on either of them anymore.

3 Tips For Better Sleep

* No caffeine after lunch.  Caffeine stays in your system for about 6 hours and can even cause sleep problems up to 10 to 12 hours after drinking it!

* No computer, phone or TV within 1 hour of bedtime.  Lights from the TV, the screen on your phone and your computer’s monitor are stimulants to your brain and will keep it alert a good hour after these devices are turned off.

* Keep your bedroom cool and dark.  Every night around midnight your body temperature naturally drops about one degree.  Your body cools down to promote inactivity and sleep.  Give it a head start by keeping your bedroom at a nice cool temperature.  And have your bedroom as dark as possible so that you experience the daytime/nighttime cycle. Light may disrupt your body’s normal circadian rhythm and signal you to wake up.

3 Tips To Understand Your Dreams

* When you wake up, don’t move.  This is the key to remembering your dreams.  When you wake up, whether it is in the middle of the night or if it’s for good in the morning, you must not move.  Stay in the position you woke up in because that is the position you were dreaming in and if you move you disconnect yourself from the dream.  Just remain in that position for about 90 seconds, quiet your mind and let your dream come back to you.  You’ll be amazed how well this works!

* Title your dream as if it were a movie.  You are the writer, director, producer and star of your dream production, so give it a title deserving of the blockbuster it is!  Try to sum up your entire dream in one sentence, preferably 5 words or less.  Sometimes, giving your dream a title is all it takes to suddenly realize the meaning.

* Compare the events in your dream to what happened the previous day.  Your dreams at night will ALWAYS be connected to what happened the previous day.  You’ll find that any struggle you face in your dreams tonight will seem very similar to something you struggled with today.  Anything you accomplish today will bare a striking resemblance to something you manage to do in your dream tonight.

Dreams are so very powerful and have so so much information inside of them, when you know how to understand them. My latest book is very thorough and will teach you how the dreaming mind works. It’s been so effective that it has been featured on Dr. Oz, the Today Show, Fox Business, Steve Harvey and more! It also includes a chapter on animals in dreams and how they are connected to our behaviors and instincts. Once you’ve read Dream on It you’ll never look at your dreams the same again! It also makes a FANTASTIC gift for anybody!

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