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Dreaming of a house you used to live in

For the last couple of years, I keep dreaming that I am moving back in to the first home that my husband and I ever owned. Despite the fact that we have "moved on up" in the quality of the home we now own, I am always super excited in my dreams to be moving back in to this old fixer-upper. *Yes, that is the actual house I dream about -> It's actually pretty common ...
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How a dream about my old house helped ME make a big change in my life

Ever dream of a house you used to live in?  I'll bet you do! It's very common to dream of your childhood home or even other homes you lived in at earlier points in your life. You also probably wake up wondering why your dreaming mind put you back there.  I'll tell you!  It's not about the house but about who you were when you lived in that house.  Let me share my recent dream w...
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