Ever dream of a house you used to live in?  I’ll bet you do! It’s very common to dream of your childhood home or even other homes you lived in at earlier points in your life. You also probably wake up wondering why your dreaming mind put you back there.  I’ll tell you!  It’s not about the house but about who you were when you lived in that house.  Let me share my recent dream with you so you can see what I mean.

In my dream, I was in the first home my husband and I bought together.  It was an old 1920’s bungalow that we totally refurbished.  I was walking around the house, exploring every room. It was neat to be back there. Everything looked pretty much the same… until I walked into my art room! It was stripped bare, all the way down to the dry wall. I stood there shocked and saddened… and then I woke up.  DREAM TIP: The point at which you wake up from a dream is usually where the main message is (that is, when you wake up naturally from a dream).

When I woke, I knew EXACTLY what that dream was telling me.  I had been neglecting my art for years and my dream was showing me that – in doing so – the artist part of me had been stripped down to nothingness… it was no longer a part of my identity.  This is why I felt saddened in the dream.  And so you see, the dream wasn’t really about that house but who I was when I lived there. I was painting or drawing everyday. In my current house, I don’t have an art room, and all my paint and brushes and canvases are in the basement. This picture is the last dream picture I ever did and this was probably 5 years ago, if not more. You can find it in my book So, What Did You Dream Last Night?

In fact, there’s a whole chapter on houses in dreams in this book and what all the different rooms in your house mean.

Because of this dream, I have decided to start painting and drawing again… especially painting and drawing my dreams. Art is a big part of who I am and I want to keep it alive and well in my identity so I can be my ultimate self. Stay tuned to my blog because I’ll be posting my art as it comes along.  🙂

There’s an awful lot to who you are too, and your dreams have a pretty cool way of showing you all the different parts of yourself in the form of various symbols.  When you can understand the symbols in your dreams you can understand yourself and your life like never before… and knowledge is power!

Grab yourself a copy of one of my books and you’ll easily understand your dreams every morning and get a HUGE edge in life.

“Wow, what an amazing book so full of information! I will def be keeping this one on my nightstand and refer to it often!”
– Kristi Roach, Angola, IN