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Dreaming of a house you used to live in

For the last couple of years, I keep dreaming that I am moving back in to the first home that my husband and I ever owned. Despite the fact that we have "moved on up" in the quality of the home we now own, I am always super excited in my dreams to be moving back in to this old fixer-upper. *Yes, that is the actual house I dream about -> It's actually pretty common ...
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Dreaming of your childhood home

Ever dream of your childhood home? Or what about a home you used to live in? Boy, I sure do! I’ll often dream I’m moving back into the very first home hubby and I bought together. And lately, my dreams have been taking place at the house I grew up in… EVERY NIGHT!  I explain why in the audio clip below. Dreaming of past homes, especially childhood homes is so common because it...
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