Ever dream of your childhood home? Or what about a home you used to live in? Boy, I sure do! I’ll often dream I’m moving back into the very first home hubby and I bought together. And lately, my dreams have been taking place at the house I grew up in… EVERY NIGHT!  I explain why in the audio clip below.

Dreaming of past homes, especially childhood homes is so common because it’s not about the house but about who you were when you lived in that house. The audio below is a great example of this common dream. Peg from New York called into my BlogTalk show The Dream Zone last week and told us that she keeps dreaming she’s back in her childhood home but it’s had some wonderful updates and the bathrooms especially are far more grand than they were when she lived there. Plus, there’s always a spider on the living room floor! Listen to the audio below and find out what this all means. I’ll bet the farm you’ll get some “aha! moments” for yourself when you listen…

As you heard, dreams of our childhood home, even past homes, have a lot to tell us about ourselves and are a wonderful means by which to measure our progress in life. The house dream, whether it is your actual house, a house from your past, or even an unfamiliar dream house, are some of the most important symbols our dreams use because they give us so much information about our self, our current state of mind and even information about our physical health. If you would like to listen to the entire show, you can listen to the podcast here.

dream-on-it-smIn my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life there is an entire chapter on house and home dreams. It even goes into great detail about what all the different rooms in the house mean. The back and front yards too! Get your copy here and you’ll be able to finally understand what the heck your dreams REALLY mean! It makes a great gift too for any occasion.

“I love this book. It solves all the mysteries in my dreams!
– Amy Hudson, Granbury, TX

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