Do zombies ever stagger into your dreams? It’s a more common dream than you might think! Below is an excerpt from the Nightmare chapter of my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life

I consistently dream that the world is being overrun by zombies.  I always manage to avoid getting bitten or whatever the case may be, but they usually find a way to get inside and I find myself cornered in either an attic or closet and trapped. – Chris 31

Lauri: You may get these dreams whenever you feel like your personal world is being crowded or overrun with issues from the past that you can’t seem to let die. The zombies are likely grudges you can’t let go of, issues that ought to be dead but that you are keeping alive. You are always cornered in a closet or attic.  Both of these are places are where we store things away in real life which, to the dreaming mind, represent the places in your psyche where you have stored away memories, issues, feelings you don’t want to deal with.  Your dreams keep forcing you in there because you haven’t properly dealt with your feelings about them.  Have you tucked them away in a nice little corner inside of you instead of letting out the rage?  If so, this could be yet another connection to the zombies; they may represent the numbness and lack of feeling you are allowing to overtake you.

Chris replies: I’m having trouble letting go of my wife. She blindsided me, pretty much told me we lived a lie for the last few years and each time she told me she loved me was a lie.  My life that I had is gone, swept away and hidden like dirt under a rug, and I don’t feel the forgiveness I need to yet.  I have trouble letting things go and this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.  And I am afraid to let out the rage. I’m pretty easy-going and try to keep a lot locked away. I’m the funny fat guy! Ha Ha!  So yeah, I’m hiding a lot.”

Chris’s dream encompasses everything that zombies represent: keeping alive an issue that ought to be dead and trying to go about life void of emotion. It’s certainly understandable to respond that way after what his wife did, but his inner dreaming mind does not agree with this choice, which is why it continues to nag him with the zombie nightmare.  Chris is mishandling the emotional aftermath of his marriage so his dreaming mind has to keep reminding him that he really needs to allow this to die so he can bury it and move on.  Too often we allow our hardships in life to become our identity rather than an opportunity to improve and strengthen our self.  Heartache should not define you, it should teach you.  When Chris learns to bury the past and become alive again, the zombies will stagger out of his dreamscape for good!

The message of zombie nightmares: You know how zombies must eat brains? There is an issue that is eating away at your mind right now, and it is an issue that – in reality – is dead, but you are keeping it alive by giving it your energy.  You need to let it go so you can live with healthy peace of mind, not a mind consumed with grudges.

In the nightmare chapter of Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life you will also find out what these common nightmares mean: Being Chased, Falling, Your Death, Death of a Loved One, Murder, Trapped, End of the World, Zombies, Blood, Paralysis, How to End Nightmares

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