Every Monday I interpret a “dirty” dream for the blog EM & LO SEX, LOVE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. Although this week’s dream was actually quite clean…

I have been dating my current boyfriend for 4 months. He lives about an hour away and we only see each other once a week. Recently, I introduced him to my older sister whom I live with. Thankfully, he has gotten the verbal approval from her. The dream involves my sister and my beau. I have no clue what this dream means.

Here’s the dream:

I am at work, and I call my sister to remind her to pick something up at the store for me but my boyfriend picks up her phone. I hear water splashing and my sister ask if he’s ready to wash her feet. I ask him what they’re doing. He tells me that he can’t talk right now, and hands the phone to my sister. I ask her to pick up the item and ask what they are doing. She confirms that she’s already taken care of my request and that they are in the tub in MY bathroom and that he is now proceeding to wash her feet.

When I get home, I walk into my room and my boo is in my bed, asleep. When he wakes up, he’s extremely happy to see me. I pick an argument about him driving up and spending the day with my sister… yet feel nothing towards the fact that they were both naked in my tub and he was washing her feet!

Lauri: In real life you have “called” upon your sister to do you a solid and open up her home to your boyfriend, which she did and even went a “step” beyond and gave him her seal of approval. This must have eased your mind and been very “cleansing” for you. Do you see how I put quotations around certain words? That is to show you how the real life events are directly connected to the dream events. In the dream you “call” your sister and ask her a favor, which she does. She and your boo are in the tub “washing” each other’s “feet.” 

When a specific body part is given attention in a dream it’s important to pay attention to it because there is definitely a message there! I have a whole chapter on body parts in my book So What Did You Dream Last Night?

Washing of the feet in biblical days was a sign of hospitality, as folks wore sandals back then and tread through dusty lands, and when guests came a knockin’, it was polite to wash their feet for them. This doesn’t bother you in the dream because this is about a waking life event that you are pleased with.

Interesting though that you were upset about your boyfriend driving all that way to see your sister. The frustration you feel in the dream is directly connected to a waking life frustration… and it is very likely a frustration your boyfriend is blissfully unaware of because when someone is asleep in a dream it means they are unaware of an issue they need to “wake up” to. What has been bugging you about him lately? Maybe when he does drive all that way to visit, he gets along too well with your sister, leaving you out of certain conversations. Or perhaps, deep down, you are upset that he travels all that way and is actually staying in yours and your sister’s house rather than just YOUR house. Whatever the case, your wiser dreaming mind feels you should “wake him up” to what it is that is bothering you.

And here’s a response from the dreamer:

Your answer actually struck a few chords with me. I am extremely happy that my sister and boyfriend hit it off.  I wasn’t 100% sure that they would like one another. But my sister thinks he’s awesome and he thinks my sister is just the bee’s knees! It makes my world much easier because they like one another and are friends.

My sister and I are actually currently discussing moving into our own individual places. I have been in desperate need of my own space since we moved in together and it’s time for us to change a few things and/or separate our living arrangements before living together starts damaging our relationship.

My boo and I are still enjoying one another’s company. He and I actually just had a long discussion about his sleeping habits… he sleeps A LOT and it does eat into our time tigether. Because we spend so little time physically in each other’s presence, it was very frustrating for me that he would sleep for so much of the little time we actually have.  You totally hit the nails right on the head. Thank you so much!!!

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