Mini dream interpretations are a great new service I am offering.

Maybe you have a dream that’s pretty short and don’t want to pay the price of a full dream interpretation ($125.00) but you really want to know what it means. Well, I don’t think you should pay full price either so now you can still get my personal attention and expertise (via email) for just $40.00.

Even though your dream may be short, the message it has for you is HUGE! In other words, my analysis will not be small. Below is an example what it’s like to get a mini dream interpretation. This is an actual exchange between the dreamer and me…

I walk into my living room and an old wooden trunk I use as a coffee table is gone. Nothing else seems disturbed. The front door is open and the curtains next to the door are blowing gently in the breeze. Where the trunk was, there is the normal ‘stuff’, bits of paper etc that is left behind when you move furniture. I am shocked, saddened and hurt. – Donalee

Lauri: Interesting. When a dream takes place in your living room it is usually connected to something that you deal with on a daily basis. Your coffee table/old trunk is gone. This must mean that you are feeling robbed in some way in waking life… not necessarily physically robbed but more likely you are feeling that an opportunity was taken from you or credit you feel you deserved was given to someone else… something like that. What is causing you to feel empty, left out or taken advantage of in real life?

There is a reason your dreaming mind chose the trunk to get its message across to you. Is there any emotional attachment you have to that trunk? Was there anything you keep in that trunk that you can connect to your waking feeling of emptiness or loss? Trunks are also used to put things away that we are not using. Maybe there is a certain skill or ability you have not used for some time and now you feel you have lost the ability?

The open front door and the breeze suggest you recently “opened up” to someone and they took advantage of you. Maybe that is what the trunk represents, the mental space where you store away memories and stories from your life. The open door may also be about you feeling vulnerable right now. The breeze may be one of two things… has someone recently breezed through your life and left you feeling alone? If not, the breeze may be connected to the “winds of change” that are beginning to blow through your life. It’s just a breeze, not a strong wind so the change is slight.

Whatever the case, the emotions you experienced in the dream are directly connected to those very same emotions in your waking life. What or who is causing you to feel shocked, saddened and hurt? How has your every day life now changed?

What I’d like you to do at this point is please email me back and let me know what you now think this dream is connected to. Once I know the real life issue connected to this dream, I will be able to give you even more insight. And if you have any questions, feel free to include them. I want you to get the most out of the message this dream is giving you.

Donalee replies: Yes to many of your statements. The trunk is an old treasure from my old life which feels like it has been fading away because I have been getting rid of things left by family, but not really important stuff. I also sold all the jewelry from past loves recently. Friends have also been fading away recently or worse, tried to take advantage of me. Some managed, some didn’t. I’m trying to move on with the changing world as I have financially stepped back from owning homes here and there to owning just the one where I can live the best. And at 60 yrs old and living alone I am feeling left behind by those who have relationships to sustain them. Is there any clues in this vision to help make changes to be more comfortable with life?

Lauri: Yes, there are answers in this dream for you… and it comes in the form of the open door. Your dream is showing you that you are indeed still open to receiving new relationships and lessons into your life. You have not closed yourself off. Yes, being open to others has caused you pain but that is not a good enough reason to close your door on the world as that would only leave you closed off with no opportunity for change, growth and new healthier relationships. Also, the empty place where the trunk was is a nudge from your inner self that it is definitely time to fill that empty space within yourself with something new as there is no need to hold on to the old and pointless.

Your inner self is very wise and if you follow it’s advice, you’ll be surprised how your life can change. It seems you are actually ready for something new… and better!

Donalee replies: Your interpretation validated my own thoughts and gave me great comfort!! Thank you.

Like I said, even though your dream may be short, you can be certain the meaning… and my analysis, will be HUGE! Get your mini dream interpretation now! In most cases, I can get my analysis back to you the very same day.

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“Wow! Thanks Lauri! You did an excellent job with this. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into this – such depth and insight! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
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