Remember a couple blogs back when I explained why we’re all sick freaks in our dreams? Well, here’s another shining example of sick freakdom within a dream. But this time, instead of incest… it’s about murder!

If you’ve ever turned into a homicidal maniac in your dream, you’ve probably tried to figure out what to do with the body as well. The two do go hand in hand, I suppose.

This past Wednesday I was a guest on Gravy in the Morning on Hot 105.3 in Grand Rapids, MI (as I am every Wednesday) when the host, Gravy, told me about his murder dream. BTW, this photo is from America’s Next Top Model’s “Murder Victim” photoshoot…

What’s interesting to me about Gravy’s murder dream is that he didn’t have much concern over what to do with the body, when trying to hide the body is actually a very common concern in murder dreams. When we try to hide the body in our dreams, that means that we’re really hoping we can keep the waking life issue private, and Gravy obviously didn’t mind talking about his gambling issue therefore there is no need to hide the evidence in the dream.

Another important element of Gravy’s dream that we didn’t have time to touch on was the murder weapon. The type of weapon used in a dream murder, just like in a real life murder, is a big clue that holds answers as well. Gravy’s weapon of choice was a knife as he said he had stabbed the woman. This tells us that he was more than willing to “take a stab” at ending his gambling but that it was also something he needed to “cut” from his life.

You see how every single detail in a dream is a clue as to what the whole message is? Being able to understand the messages in your dreams is a much bigger deal than you think. Dreams have so much to say about your waking life. Every single piece of your dream is a message. When you can figure it out and piece it all together you can really see how good or bad your decisions are, you can see what you may be doing wrong in your relationships, you can see what you need to remove from your life, you can get great ideas for your art or music or projects… the answers and directions you can get from your dreams are endless because you get brand new ones every single morning! How cool is that?

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“Lauri Loewenberg has struck a nerve in the American Psyche, by giving meaning to our dreams.”   – Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondant