If you have never had that dream where you’re back at your high school or college, wandering the halls trying to find your locker or sitting in Algebra class freaking out because you didn’t study for the test, then you might not be normal!

The back at school dream is in the top three most common dreams that is reported to me… daily! In fact, when I was on Katie Couric’s show, she told me her 90 year old mother STILL gets it! And that is good testimony to the fact that 10, 20 even 70 years after we graduate we still find ourselves, from time to time, within those cinder block walls at night.

I’m a victim of this dream too. There are many versions of the back at school dream and the one I get the most is where I find out I have to take my senior year or sometimes even all 4 years of high school all over again, even though I know I graduated.  In fact, I had it just the other night and the very next morning when I was on the air on Beach 104 in Nags Head, NC one of the morning show hosts told me he had that same version of the dream the night before as well! So that inspired me to blog about it because, clearly, it’s an epidemic!

My dream:  I was back in the house I lived in in Nashville and I was putting on my old Catholic high school uniform. I was very upset because I had to take my whole senior year all over again even though I was certain I had already graduated. I was saying to myself, as I was getting dressed, “This is ridiculous! I don’t have time to spend all day at school. I have a son to raise and a business to run. I’ve done this already. I’m just going to tell them no, I’m not doing this.” THEN I’m walking through my junior high trying to find my locker and realizing I don’t even know my class schedule. Thankfully Marlo Thomas shows up and takes me to my class.

What it means: Usually, back at school dreams can be connected to what is going on in your job or career in real life. The stress you are dealing with in the dream should seem similar to the stress you are experiencing in waking life in your job.

Having to take my senior year all over again – This dream happens whenever I feel I have to prove myself in my career, whenever I have to prove to others that I know what I’m doing, that I have the knowledge, etc. This dream is so common for me, as you can imagine, because I am constantly having to prove that dreams actually have meaning AND that I really do know how to make sense of them. Now, this particular dream is connected to stress I was having over my Blogtalk radio show. The day before, my co-host Frankie and I were doing the show but were having all kinds of technical difficulties and I was ready to forget it and just reschedule the show for the following week. But I had been in that situation before, being on air with technical difficulties and managed to get through it. That’s why, in my dream, I said to myself, “I’ve done this already!” Whatever you tell yourself in a dream is always important because it is usually direction or reassurance you are giving yourself for your waking life. Even if another character in your dream is telling you something, it’s really YOU telling yourself.

Didn’t have my class schedule – When you can’t find your class or your locker in a dream or don’t have your schedule, it can be connected to uncertainty you are having about where you are in your job or career field. Maybe you aren’t in the right job for you or maybe you aren’t yet where you feel you should be in the corporate ladder, for example. For me, it is uncertainty about my Blogtalk radio show. I’ve been doing it for only a couple of months now and there are some uncertainties surrounding it. Is it going to be successful? Are people enjoying it? Are they learning from it? Where is it going to wind up? And after all that technical trouble and stress I had from the show the day before this dream, I was definitely questioning where this was going to go.

ThatgirllogoMarlo Thomas leading the way – Whenever you get a celebrity in your dream, it is usually more about what that celebrity is best known for (such as a song, a character they may have played or even a movie or show they were in) rather than it being about the celebrity. To me, when I think of Marlo Thomas I think of the 60’s sitcom she starred in called That Girl. Every show ended with someone exclaiming, “That girl!” in reference to Marlo’s character being the one that bungled something up or perhaps even did something right. In other words, she was always being identified and singled out at the end of each show and she was leading the way to where I was supposed to be in the dream because I need to remember that I am “that girl” people rely on to help them understand their dreams. This is who I am so no need to be so uncertain.

As for the morning show host who had the same version of the back at school dream, well, he was actually a fill-in host for the regular morning guy. And he was having to prove that he had the know-how to handle the morning show.

dream-on-it-smI just love putting the pieces of a puzzling dream together and finding the big picture! Being able to figure out your dreams isn’t just fun, it’s unbelievably helpful to your life!! We all are being given answers, directions, even warnings in our dreams every single night through our dreams… you just have to know how to understand the language and piece it together. It’s really not that hard. That’s why I wrote Dream On It, so the YOU can do this too, so that YOU can get those powerful messages hiding in your dreams, so that YOU can improve every area of your life by understanding the wisdom of your very own dreaming mind. Get yourself a copy and start understanding your dreams like never before!

steve_harvey1“If you want to know what your dreams mean, you’ve GOT to get Dream On It y’all!” Steve Harvey, King of Comedy and talk show host