I’m sure you’ve heard it said that we dream in black and white.  NOT TRUE! That is a myth that seems to have been born in the 50s, the age of black and white television.  The truth is, we all dream in color just as we see in color.  Sometimes a dream can be in shades of grey or the colors can be muted. In these cases, it is often due to depression. Sometimes our dreams can have an old black and white movie feel to them and that is often because the dream is commenting on an issue from your past. So, for the most part, our dreams are in color and very often, vivid technicolor!

The color choices our dreaming minds make are not at all random! When a color stands out to you in a dream, it is for a very good reason. Here are some common colors and their meanings…

White – Are you starting over in your life? This color suggests a new beginning is underway.
Green – Are you or is anyone around you feeling or expressing jealousy? Less often green can represent growth.
Yellow – Is there something going on in real life you are fearful of or need to be cautious about?
Black – Most often connected to negativity.
Blue – Often points to depression, the blues.
Red – This color in a dream is often a red flag from your subconscious warning you that some situation or behavior needs to come to a full stop.

As with any symbol in a dream, with colors you also want to try to include your own personal associations. Does the pink in your dream remind you of your childhood bedroom? Does the orange in your dream remind you of the colors of your high school football team, etc. If there is a strong personal association to the color in your dream, try to connect the dots as to why that color, and what it reminds you of, is relevant to you right now.

Every single detail in your dream has a meaning, from the colors down to what is said in the dream, it all holds a message for you that is specifically designed to help you with your life. In my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life, you’ll not only learn how to understand the symbols that show up in your dreams, you’ll also learn how different dream dream-on-it-smthemes are connected to the different parts of you. For example, house dreams are connected to your self image. Animal dreams are connected to your behavior. Nightmares are connected to difficult and mis-handled issues. If you don’t want to wonder about your dreams anymore, if you want to be able to easily understand them from now on, get yourself a copy of Dream On It!

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