…in his dreams he is! 

Tom Jones revealed a recurring nightmare he has on The View this week, that he has murdered somebody, hidden the body and the police have found it. 

Countless people have reported this very same dream to me.  This is indeed a guilt induced dream, but not over something as severe as murder!  Remember, emotions are exaggerated when dreaming.  Most often, these dreams are triggered by guilt over something we have put an end to, such as a relationship, a diet, a project, something that is causing us to second guess ourselves.  That is where the police come in.  They represent our ability to “police” our actions and behaviors, our ability to do the “just” thing. When we go against what we know is right, our “dream police” will show up to set us straight!

So what do you think ol’ Tom is feeling guilty about?

Nightmares are the most important dreams of all because they are alerting you to something in your life that needs correcting, something that needs your immediate attention.  Understanding your nightmares can save you from a lot of needless pain in waking life. Nightmares are fully covered in my book So What Did You Dream Last Night? Demons, murder, corpses, blood, it’s all in there!!