While you cannot die from your dreams, you certainly can die in your dreams. It’s really a fascinating experience, as none of us have ever died before, yet when we die in a dream we can literally feel our body shutting down and our consciousness slipping out of  it. Of course, who knows if that is what dying will actually feel like, but the dreaming mind certainly has an impressive way of creating the sensation! And it is the vividness of the dying dream that makes it so terrifying.

Yesterday morning I was doing my regular Monday segment on The Breakfast Show with Mad Dog and Maura on 99.9 Virgin Radio in Toronto when a lady called in with a dream about getting murdered. Maura had a very good question as she introduced the call, is there a difference in meaning between a death dream and a murder dream. Why yes… yes there is! Check out the short audio below to find out what it is and especially to hear the caller’s “aha! moment” when I decode her dream (I just love those!!).

Clarity is what she wanted and clarity is what she got! Hopefully this little audio gave you some clarity regarding your death and/or murder dreams. Remember, no matter how disturbing a dream may be, the message it has for you is positive, even life-changing.  The positive message from this caller’s dream? Stop fighting with yourself. This was a change that had to be done. Forgive yourself and let it go.

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