Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you noticed that you may be having more dreams about your mate (or your crush) lately? Most of us our dreams are about our relationships this time of year, whether you know it or not.


Because it is the day for lovers and a time when we actually give our relationship the focus and attention it deserves. However, our dreams can be really bizarre and seem to make no sense, so how can we know when our dreams are about our relationship? I got you covered.

Below are the most common symbols you need to look out for because – more often than not – they are telling you something you need to know about your mate or the current condition of the relationship…

Adultery/cheating – Something has become a third wheel in your relationship. Is your loved one doing too much of something that takes away from the relationship? Your subconscious mind may see it as a ‘mistress’ or another man. Your dream is telling you that you are feeling “cheated” out of your loved one’s time and attention. If you are the one cheating, ask yourself what you may be doing that is taking away from the time your mate needs from you. Is it a new baby? Is it your job? Your friends? Traveling? These dreams are telling you that you and your mate need to find a way to appreciate one another more.

Boat/ship – Your ability to navigate through an emotional situation. If the boat is sinking it means you are getting emotionally overwhelmed, perhaps sinking into a depression or you are getting in over your head. Boats and ships can also point to a romantic relationship; the love boat, two ships passing in the night, etc. The boat in your dream will reflect if your current situation – particularly romantic situation – is smooth sailing or rocky or sinking.

Cat/kittens – Feminine sexual energy. “sex kitten.” A cat biting you can mean a call to intimacy. A sick or starving cat can mean you are having a dry spell. Can also point to independence, aloofness, gossip or “cattiness,” balance or any other qualities you associate with a cat. A predatory cat is your ability to protect your best interests as well as go out on the hunt and get what you want in life. If the cat is a threat in your dream then this part of you is trying to get your attention because it wants you to utilize it in your life.

Dog – Symbolizes someone you feel is a loyal companion. Usually refers to your mate but could also be a friend or co-worker. The state of the dog reflects the current state of your relationship. Could symbolize responsibility, as pets are responsibilities. Could symbolize a fear if you are afraid of dogs. May also symbolize your need or desire to buckle down and train yourself to behave. Look at the type of dog in your dream. What is that type of dog known for? German Shepherd: Best known for being a guard dog or police dog. Are you being or do you need to be guarded when it comes to a particular issue? Are you overly protective? Husky: Best known as a sled dog. Is your relationship becoming a heavy burden? Are you dragging an issue on too long? Dalmation: Is there a “fire” or urgent situation you need to put out? Or is your relationship really heating up?

Water – Your emotional state. The state of the water will reflect the state of your emotions, how you are currently feeling about something in your life such as a relationship. Can also symbolize creative juices. A healing energy. Calm clear water suggests you are clear about emotional decisions. Muddy, murky water is connected to emotional confusion and depression. Rising flooding water means you may be getting in over your head, getting in too deep. An increasingly tough situation. Being under water indicates you are in over your head and feeling overwhelmed.

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