Horse copySometimes our dreams are a menagerie of the most exotic and wondrous animals. No matter how fantastical and Dr. Seuss-like or how real and menacing, the animals our dreaming mind presents to us symbolize our primal instincts and behaviors, the way we naturally act or respond to situations without giving thought to it.

Each specific animal has their own specific behavior they are known for: dogs are loyal, cats are independent, elephants never forget. We also use animalistic behavior in our speech: I ate like a pig, my sister is very catty, you’re as stubborn as a mule, etc. These characteristics that we project onto animals often appear in our dreams in the form of that animal in order to show us our own current actions and behavior, or to show us how the actions and behavior of someone else is directly affecting us.

By understanding our own behavior in this way, or the behavior of someone around us, we can determine if we are currently behaving correctly in a current situation, or if someone we know is behaving in a healthy or harmful manner toward us.

Below is a list of the 5 most common animals that appear in our dreams and their common meanings. This was taken directly from the dictionary portion of my book Dream on It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life

CATS – Feminine sexual energy. “sex kitten.” A cat biting you can mean a call to intimacy. A sick or starving cat can mean you are having a dry spell. Can also point to independence, aloofness, gossip or “cattiness,” balance or any other qualities you associate with a cat. A predatory cat is your ability to protect your best interests as well as go out on the hunt and get what you want in life. If the cat is a threat in your dream then this part of you is trying to get your attention because it wants you to utilize it in your life.

DOGS – Symbolizes someone you feel is a loyal companion. Usually refers to your mate but could also be a friend or co-worker. It could also represent something you have loyalty towards, something you need to stick to such as your fitness, quitting smoking, eating better, etc. A dog could also symbolize a fear if you are afraid of dogs. May also symbolize your need or desire to buckle down and train yourself to behave.

Look at the type of dog in your dream. What is that type of dog known for?

German Shepherd: Best known for being a guard dog or police dog. Are you being or do you need to be guarded when it comes to a particular relationship? Are you overly protective?

Husky: Best known as a sled dog. Are you carrying a heavy burden? Are you dragging an issue on too long?

Dalmatian: Is there a ‘fire’ or urgent situation you need to put out?

snake copy_smSNAKES – Masculine energy. If you are a woman and are dreaming of snakes, look at the men in your life and ask yourself if there is an issue there with your husband, boyfriend, boss, brother, etc. If you are a man then a snake may refer to your own fertility or masculine power. A snake can also symbolize healing energy. Are you in need of emotional or physical healing? A snakebite means emotional or physical healing is about to begin. The injection of the venom is like the injection of a shot. Snakes can also symbolize wisdom and knowledge (as in the Adam and Eve story). Have you learned something new recently? May also represent a fear or temptation, something that could turn into a poisonous situation.

*Like the animal art in this post? These are from the deck of Oracle cards I am designing for Medium Jay Lane.

HORSES – Strength, nobility. Your ability to get back in the saddle when life knocks you down. Can also refer to your health. An injured or sick horse may mean that you are not feeling strong enough or perhaps healthy enough to handle something.

SPIDERS – Deceit, a web of lies. Ask yourself who around you may not be trustworthy. Spiders can also mean someone or something is “bugging” you to the point that you are feeling trapped, just as a spider uses its web to trap its prey.

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