Does your dream ever take place in a bathroom? The bathroom is actually a pretty common dream setting for women. Here’s why. The bathroom is the place of relief.  It is where we can refresh ourselves by washing away the dirt and grime of the day and relieve ourselves by letting out that which our body has processed and no longer needs.  Yes, the bathroom is the place where we tend to go “Aahhhh.”  So in a dream the bathroom is a place of  emotional relief rather than physical relief.

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A lot of bathroom dreams take place in a public bathroom and often involve filthy or clogged toilets. And to add insult to injury, there’s often someone trying to walk in on you while you’re trying to go! I was on 95.5 WIFC in Wausau, WI this morning with Dave and Stacy when a lady called in with this exact dream. Listen to the audio below. I explain the meaning of the filthy toilet, the public bathroom, why people are walking in on her and the very helpful advice within the dream. PLUS the segment starts out with a pretty funny butt dial! But keep listening because shortly after I interpret the dream, I really put my professionalism on display (not).

Like Mel, if you’ve been getting bathroom dreams ask yourself what or who has been frustrating you lately. The ease or difficulty of using the bathroom in the dream will show you how well or how poorly you are “relieving” yourself of frustration, anger or anxiety in waking life.

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