Do you ever dream of driving your car off a bridge? My gosh, you’d be surprised how many people have this dream… and especially surprised how many people have developed gephyrophobia (fear of bridges) because of this dream! Below is one such gephyrophobe. Luckily for her, she sought out the true meaning of her dream, which allowed her to release her fear. The following is from my syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri,
I have a recurring dream of my car going off a bridge and I have to get me and my two sons out. We always make it out ok. It happens enough that I am spooked every time I go over a bridge and my boys are in the car.   – Denise 32, Memphis, TN

Lauri: You ARE NOT seeing the future so don’t worry.  You’d be surprised how many times someone sends me this sort of dream and tells me they are afraid to drive over bridges because of it.  Bridges in dreams symbolize transition, getting from one point in your life to the next.  We often dream of falling off bridges because transitions can be difficult and SCARY!  When we feel unsure of making that transition successfully, we get the falling-off-a-bridge dream.  Ask yourself what tough situation you are currently going through that you wish you could get you and your sons out of, just as you had to get your sons out of the car? You always make it out in your dream.  This is how your dreaming mind is reassuring you that you WILL pull through just fine.  You’ve got the chutzpa to get through anything girlfriend!  Keep that in mind and this dream won’t bother coming back.  Good luck!

Denise replies: I can relate this dream to the fact that I was diagnosed with severe dysphasia/pre cervical cancer in the fall.  I had two procedures to stop the growth and as of now things are going okay.  It’s been a very scary experience and I’ve often wondered if I was going to make it through. This dream makes so much sense now.

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“I used your dictionary to look up some of the symbols in my dream and wow….  I had no idea that dreams could tell so much! It’s great to have this understanding and I wanted to thank you.”   – Patty, Toledo, OH