Since today is Throw Back Thursday, I thought I would go through some of my old radio appearances and see if I could find a good audio… and boy did I!

This is from when I was on the TNT Morning Show with Turner Watson and Barry Thick on WBYR Fort Wayne, IN back in September of 2011. A lady called in with a dream she had about brushing her teeth. Now, as mundane as that may sound, there is more to the dream and most importantly, it was giving her really REALLY good advice about an argument she just had with her hubby…

Like the caller, your dreams are full of great advice for you too… you just need to understand the language.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to figure out your dreams every morning? When understood, your dreams offer a continuous supply of answers, warnings and inspiration that you need to know. Your dreams are pretty much a how-to guide for your life. Any dilemma you ever face, any inspiration you ever need, any warning you need to pay attention to… it is ALL given to you in your dreams.

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