Last photo taken of the Titanic

Last photo taken of the Titanic

As you may know, 106 years ago today, on April 15th at 2:20 am, the Titanic sank with 1,514 people still aboard. What you may not know is that after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, hundreds of people reported that they had dreams and premonitions of the ship’s demise.  Nineteen of those experiences were authenticated.


A precognitive dream or vision is authenticated when a third party  can confirm that the dream or vision was written down or relayed to a second party before the waking life incident actually happens. The waking life event must also play out exactly as dreamed and happen within days of the dream, not years later.

Eva Hart was a Titanic survivor and her mother was one of the authenticated cases. She talks about it here. She also talks about the rescue. It’s fascinating. I highly recommend you watch it!

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Ships and boats in dreams

*The following is an excerpt from the Travel and Vehicle Dreams chapter of my latest book Dream On It

Ships and boats travel on water, and water – to the dreaming mind – is connected to your emotions.  Like water, emotions are fluid, ever-changing and often run deep.  So when you find yourself on a boat or a ship in a dream, it is because you are embarking on an emotional journey in waking life.

Most often, boats and ships in dreams are related to the emotional relationship path.  Again, if you look at the figures of speech we use involving these vessels, you’ll see why: the love boat, two ships passing in the night, he’s a dream boat, etc.

I was in a boat speeding across the ocean toward the rocky cliffs. My ex was in the boat, driving. We were going straight toward the cliff, sure to collide with no slowing down. I woke up before the impact. – Darcey 47

Lauri:  Your relationship with your ex must be rocky, hence the rocky cliffs.  What once was a love boat has become a vessel of doom.  Is he the driving force behind the turmoil? Your dream is warning you that you two are on the verge of disaster and close to the point of no return if one of you doesn’t “trim your sails.”

Darcey replies:  That makes total sense. We are like fire and ice. We have shared custody of the children, who are 4 and 6 years old. It is extremely difficult for us to even converse without tension and verbal fighting. Whenever we do have an exchange, there is guaranteed fighting. We fight about their clothes and who has them, about finances, school needs, etc. Sometimes he even throws in going to court and making me pay child support or getting full custody.

Darcey’s boat dream has a pretty clear message for her.  She has allowed her ex to take control of the helm of their relationship path and is steering it rapidly to the point of no return.

The message of ship and boat dreams: You have embarked on an emotional journey, whether it be a relationship, a business venture or something else of equal significance.  Remember that the state of the water, the condition of the vessel, and how well it is traveling will clue you in to whether you should stay aboard or abandon ship.

The Vehicle and Travel Dreams chapter in Dream On It also covers Car, Plane, Truck, Train, Bus, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Space Travel and more!

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