dana-carvey-live-in-milwaukeeThis morning I was doing my weekly spot on 105.3 HOT FM in Grand Rapids when the hosts, Gravy and Rachael asked me about a story they saw in The National Enquirer, which states that comedian DANA CARVEY is telling pals he’s convinced there is life after death, because the spirit of his friend Robin Williams keeps appearing to him! Dana says of these encounters, “Robin comes to me usually in a lucid dream state or during my meditation,” Dana told a pal. “He’s as big as life, happy and joking around, and telling me I should never worry about anything because it’s all beautiful in the end… I go to bed with questions I want to ask Robin,” he divulged. “I’ll think about asking him about my kids’ careers and my health. When I wake up, I review those questions. The answers come to me in one of Robin’s character voices – it’s amazing!”


Symbols for depression that show up in dreams

Gravy and Rachael wanted to know if our departed loved ones can communicate with us in our dreams. This is a question I am asked frequently, as well as one I wonder about myself. Science shows us that all energy travels in waves: light waves, sound waves, radio waves, etc. If consciousness continues to exist once the body has died (this has been neither proven nor dis proven) it would also travel in waves. If that is true, perhaps our brains are equipped to pick up on those waves. Our brains also work in waves and when we sleep, our brain wave patterns slow in frequency with each stage of sleep: alpha, beta, theta, etc. Perhaps  the REM stage of sleep is that perfect frequency that acts like a radio and allows us to tune in to the conscious energy of the departed.

I’ve certainly had enough dreams reported to me and even had dreams of my own that sure seem like an actual encounter. Those dreams feel different than regular dreams. They are far more “real.” and one often still feels the presence of the loved one when awakening. Sometimes their perfume or cologne lingers.

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The thing about Dana Carvey’s dreams is that he has these experiences or encounters while in the lucid state, which is when you are in a dream and realize it is a dream. When we are in a lucid dream (not all of us can reach this state), our brain waves are operating in Gamma, which is the fastest frequency ever recorded. Operating from this frequency allows our brain to link and process information from multiple parts of the brain. We use more of our brain when we are experiencing lucid dreaming than we do when we are fully awake… which leads me to believe that perhaps lucidity or Gamma is the frequency where we can more easily tune in to those that have passed on. If it is ever proven to be conclusive, we may find that Gamma plays a role.

Psychologically speaking, Dana’s lucid experiences with Robin could merely be very deep self reflection. A recent study out of Germany found that a particular brain region known to be involved in self-reflection is larger in lucid dreamers. Dana did say that he asks Robin’s questions in his dreams about his kids, career, health, etc. In Dream Psychology, just about everything in your dream is symbolic of some part of the self. Robin could symbolize Dana’s own inner wisdom and through these lucid experiences he is having a deeply profound conversations with himself.

I suppose at this point in time, what it boils down to is taking all available research and experiences and forming your own opinion. Is Dana merely self reflecting or do you believe consciousness continues? Me? I choose to believe.

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