Whether it’s wandering the cinder blocked halls of your old high school with nothing on but your Nikes or catching your teeth as they fall out of your mouth one by one, we ALL get a certain dream over and over and over again. Even celebrities aren’t immune to the frustrating recurring dream! Read on and find out if your recurring dream is covered here and which celebrity shares that dream with you…

Halle_BerryTeeth Falling Out

Lucky you! If you get this dream you share it with the gorgeous Halle Berry. This also means that you and Halle share the same recurring behavior of speaking before thinking. Teeth in dreams typically symbolize your words. If they fall out in a dream you can probably connect it to something you allowed out of your mouth, something you said that you wish you could take back or that you wish you had worded differently.


Katie_Couric_a_pPlane Crashes
Not so lucky you. This is not a fun dream to have, but if this is your recurring dream you and Katie Couric have a lot in common. When I was a guest on her show back in April of 2013, she told me that she gets this dream quite a bit. Neither you nor Katie should cancel any travel plans because this dream is not showing you the future, instead it means you have suffered a big let down in your real life. Something you had high hopes for came crashing down instead… along with your spirits. Katie has suffered many let downs, which caused emotional crashes: She lost her husband to colon cancer, then her sister to pancreatic cancer. She lost her gig on the CBS Evening News just to name a few. If this is your recurring dream, try not to take things so hard. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on keeping on. Like Katie, you’re a survivor!


Definitely lucky you! This is not only an awesome dream to experience again and again but you also share this dream with Anderson Cooper. Flying dreams happen when we are feeling really good about what is going on in our life, when we have reached a high goal we have set for our self or we are realizing our ability to reach higher levels in life and in career. In my research, I have found that adults who get recurring flying dreams are very high achievers. So if this is your dream, you and fellow high achiever Anderson Cooper should pat your selves on the back. Good job!

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Running Late/Almost Missing A Bus or PlaneDIANE SAWYER
This one is soooo frustrating. If this is your recurring dream then you have a lot in common with Diane Sawyer. She gets this dream a lot because she is constantly up against deadlines, what with being a journalist and delivering the news every evening. You  probably have a high pressured, heavy deadline job as well. If not, but you still get this dream, then you may be up against self imposed deadlines, such as losing 10 lbs by the time the reunion rolls around, having a spouse and kid by the time you’re 28 or reaching a career goal before the end of the year, etc. In either case, you may want to find a way to either take it easy or take the stress off yourself. Life is short, why live it in a pressure cooker?


Madonna-I-love-youBeing Attacked
Gah! This one is so scary. But if this is your recurring dream, Madonna would probably love to compare notes with you over coffee because this is her recurring dream. More specifically, she is attacked by a dwarf with a knife! None the less, this dream suggests you are feeling victimized in real life. Is someone around you always putting you down and criticizing you? Or is this something you are constantly doing to yourself? If so, knock it off. Sheesh. You have to be kind to yourself in this life. As for Madonna, she faces a lot of criticism from the media and the public in general. While it may not bother her while she’s awake, it clearly bothers her while she sleeps. And the dwarf? That’s her fear of being dwarfed or diminished in the public eye. Let’s face it, she’s a BIG celebrity and she does everything in a BIG way. However, criticism does bring her ego down to size.


Gwyneth-paltrow-glee-giftsOld Victorian Houses
If you dream of old houses then you have this dream in common with Madonna’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow.  Houses in dreams symbolize the self, one’s state of mind and self image. Like Gwyneth, you may be a bit old fashioned in some areas; perhaps you have very good etiquette and impeccable manners or you believe in marriage before sex. In Gwyneth’s Victorian house dreams, she finds herself in the house while the house is being swept away by a river. This tells us that Gwyneth, despite all her refinement, tends to let herself get carried away with various emotional issues. While she seems cool as a cucumber in public, she may not always be able to hold it together in private.


Naked in Publicmeat-loaf-7
If this is your recurring dream you may be hoping you share it with someone like Beyonce or George Clooney, right? Well… if this is your recurring dream you share it with Meat Loaf! This dream tells us that you and Meat both have recurring concern about how others view you, not necessarily how others view you  physically but how they look at you as an artist (in Meat’s case) or how they see you as a professional in your career or how good of a mother you are, etc. Are they noticing your mistakes? Do they not see you as highly as you would like them to? Did they see how nervous you were when you were giving that presentation in front of the board? In Meat Loaf’s dream, he’s actually naked on top of a bus. In your naked dreams, where are you?


Losing Your Purse or WalletMariah_Carey_umvd007
You might be pleasantly surprised to know Mariah Carey gets this dream too. If this is your recurring dream then you and Mariah also share the fact that you suffer an identity crisis from time to time. We keep our money, credit cards and IDs in our purses and wallets so they will symbolize our self worth, our sense of self and the credibility we feel we deserve. To lose a purse or wallet in a dream means you feel you are either losing a sense of who you are, you are feeling worthless or you are not getting credit where credit is due. Mariah has mentioned many times that growing up biracial caused her to feel out of place so it makes sense that she would dream of trying to find her purse because she was always searching for identity, a sense of belonging and feeling valued.


Do you wake up gasping for air after a drowning dream? So does Star Jones! Drowning dreams can be caused by a number of things: Depression, being overwhelmed with responsibility or even Sleep Apnea! If you wake up gasping for breath A LOT, then go to your doctor and get checked for Sleep Apnea, okay? But if you get the drowning dream frequently and don’t always wake up gasping for breath, then odds are it is connected to depression or feeling very overwhelmed. Star told me she was having this dream when I was on The View back in ’04. At the time she was in the midst of planning a wedding, being a host on The View and doing red carpet reports for E! News so I chalked it up to being overwhelmed.


This one can also be caused by Sleep Apnea if you get it a lot and wake up gasping. But if you don’t wake from this dream gasping then you will be happy to know you share this dream with Celine Dion! Choking happens in the throat and the throat is where our voice comes from so to choke in a dream can mean you have a hard time speaking up in real life. You may tend to choke back your words rather than voicing your opinion. For Celine, she chokes on a cold apple in her dreams! This makes sense because her voice is AMAZING and it is how she makes her living; it has been very  “fruitful” for her, hence the apple. Any singer will tell you they must “warm up” their voices before a performance so a voice going cold, like the cold apple, would be a nightmare! For Celine, these dreams are reminding her to take it easy on her voice so she doesn’t choke during a performance.


Hard to believe that America’s sweetheart has recurring dreams of being a murderer, isn’t it? And if this is your recurring dream it may not make you feel much better knowing that Taylor Swift gets it too, huh? Well fear not. To murder in a dream usually isn’t a bad thing. It means you have successfully put an end to something in real life.  In Taylor’s dreams, the murder doesn’t actually take place but rather she has knowledge that she has murdered someone, “I always have nightmares that I’m being framed for murder and then I’m being framed SO well that I can’t remember if I did it or not in the dream. So that really winds me up and then I’m just freaked out for the next couple of days.”

Now, what we all know – and quite frankly love – about Tay Tay, is that she goes through relationships like a bag of Lays potato chips.  We love this about her because her break ups inspire her songs.  These recurrent break ups are likely the murders in her dreams. There is also confusion about whether she actually committed the murders or not; she is framed for the murders. This shows us that in real life, Taylor doesn’t feel she is at fault for the break up (a break up is a forced ending, like a murder is a forced death). But as time goes on, she probably questions herself, “Hmmm. Maybe I was too clingy or too demanding,” for example (she’s framed so well she can’t remember if she actually did murder). But here’s what’s sad about it guys, feeling that she is framed for murder in the dreams might mean in real life she feels used in relationships. She feels used over and over again because she has this same dream over and over again.

Why do you keep murdering in your dreams? It may be that you have a recurring behavior of putting an end to things as well. Are you the type that tends to sabotage a good thing because deep down you feel you aren’t worthy? Or are you the type that nips things in the bud before they get out of hand? It could also be that there is one ongoing situation that needs to end but you haven’t fully accomplished it yet.  In a nutshell, recurring murder dreams don’t mean you are a homicidal maniac but rather someone who ends things… whether those endings are good for you or not is a whole other story!

While it’s fun to find out which celebrity has the same recurring dream as you, it’s important that you know why we get recurring dreams. In my research I have found that they are caused by two main factors: 1. A recurring behavior pattern, whenever you exhibit the behavior you get the dream connected to it.  2. An ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved. For as long as the issue continues, so will the dream. Look at your dreams as if they were your mother, nagging you to death about an issue or behavior who only wants the best for you but won’t stop until you finally correct it. Except in some cases, like the recurring flying dream, as that is more of a high five from your subconscious mind than a nag.

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