How many times have you had a dream where you did something so repulsive, so utterly grotesque that you woke up thinking, “Oh God… deep down am I really a sick freak?” Like I always say, “We’re all sick freaks in our dreams.” The reason why our actions in our dreams often seem deplorable and downright illegal is because dreams speak to us in a symbolic language. If you take your dream literally you’ll not only miss the message… you’ll freak yourself out!

The audio below is a prime example of the deviant behavior we sometimes exhibit in our dreams. This is from when I was a guest on Lite 98 with Chris and Kris in Richmond, VA (of which I am a guest every Monday) when listener Sue called in with a dream she had about carving up a baby! Needless to say, she needed answers. In the audio, after I mention that this is a dismemberment dream, I ask her if she had a recent break up or needed to cut someone or something out of her life. That was edited out so just keep that in mind as you listen…

So you see, no matter how vile your dreams may be, no matter your illicit and disgusting behavior, when you are able to understand your dreams it all really makes perfect sense. Sue’s dream actually had very good advice for her and now she knows what the right thing to do is – she’s got to let that employee go – AND she’s not as worried about having to do it anymore.

Dreams are cool like that. They got your back! They’ll not only help you make decisions, they’ll give you the encouragement you need to do so.

dream-on-it-smIf you want to be able to start making sense out of your dreams, no matter how horrible they may be, my latest book Dream On It will have you understanding your dreams in no time. It also makes a great gift!

“I’m still reading Dream On It and I can’t put in down. I’ve been dreaming a lot more or remembering them since I started to read it, but now my dreams are making sense. Thank you for a well written and enjoyable read!”   – Margie Ward, Upper Darby, PA