oj_simpsonCelebrities are usually fun to dream about.  It is most common to dream that you are friends with a certain celebrity.  I have frequent dreams of being BFFs with Madonna.

When a celebrity makes a cameo in your dreams, ask yourself what that particular celebrity is best known for.  Is it a song?  A movie role? A television show? Or a behavior?  Then, apply that to yourself.  Are you “performing” like this celebrity right now in your life?  Are you wanting recognition for this particular quality? You should be able to make the connection between the celebrity and your current situation or behavior.

Sometimes, certain celebrities can appear in our dreams and leave us feeling perplexed or frightened, rather than entertained.  The audio below is a perfect example.  Listen and find out why this woman dreamed OJ took her baby.  This is from when I was a guest the other day on WOGL in Philadelphis, PA with Ross Britain and The Breakfast Club…   ListenToAudio  

What about you?  What celebrity stalks your dreams?