From losing teeth to growing a third leg, a lot of strange things happen to our bodies in our dreams.  It’s important to know that the different bodily afflictions we suffer in our dreams are rarely about our actual body but more about our abilities.  The mouth and throat seem to be a favorite body part for the dreaming mind to manipulate.  The reason for the popularity is because the mouth and throat in a dream are really about our voice and ability to communicate and communication is a very common waking life issue for just about all of us.  The dream below is a perfect example…

I dreamt I was in my apartment with my boyfriend and his two kids. I started choking and ended up pulling this extremely long noodle out of my throat and nose. It wouldn’t stop and I was gagging on it. I went into the bathroom to get a better look and get it out all the way. When I came back out to the kitchen EVERYTHING was gone and everything was bright white.
– Mandy 24, Merrill, WI

Lauri: The noodle either represents something that has been on your mind (your noodle as we sometimes call our brains) or it represents being too flexible and bending to others needs too easily, which created an uncomfortable situation for you in waking life, hence the gagging in the dream.  You pulled it out of your throat, which symbolizes voicing your displeasure about the situation, a situation that probably went on for too long, hence the length of the noodle.  And notice how everything became white after your sel-inflicted noodle-ectomy.  That’s a good indication that you have wiped the slate clean and have a new beginning.

 Mandy replies: The being flexible part really rings true. My boyfriend of a year now, has two kids with another woman. I used to let him do what he wanted when it came to talking to her and seeing her, when it didn’t have anything to do with the kids I wanted it to stop but it’s a long complicated issue. She’s only caused problems with us (on purpose of course). Anyway, I finally said that if he wanted to be with me that certain things had to stop like the hundred phone calls a day, things that didn’t have to do with the kids. Since I put my foot down, things have been better. And the length of the noodle seems about right; I’ve been holding back for a year.

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