Nightmares are horrible little things. They jolt you awake in the middle of the night, heart pounding out of your chest, brow dripping with sweat, and they leave you wondering why the heck you would dream something so God awful!

Look at your nightmares as a literal wake up call, letting you know a difficult situation in your life has gone on long enough and needs be dealt with correctly… and NOW!

Below is a great example of how a nightmare is connected to a difficult issue and how it is a brutally honest reflection of how the difficult issue is affecting you.  This is from when I was on 105.3 HOT FM with Rachael and Gravy in the Morning in Grand Rapids. Rachael had a helluva nightmare the night before and needed my help. Listen to the audio and you’ll not only see how every single detail in her dream has meaning but also how the dream is letting her know that her difficult waking life issue needs to be taken care of.

Remember how I mentioned that the pen in her dream was about communication? That pen is her ability to communicate to her family what their behavior is doing to her. And remember how the pen was connected to a string that was tearing up her insides? THAT is the message she needs to communicate: “You guys are tearing me apart and ruining what should be one of the happiest times in my life.” Like I said in the audio, NOT COOL!

What is it with families always trying to push their demands onto YOUR wedding? GAH!! That’s why I eloped.  😉

both booksYour dreams, no matter how frightening they may sometimes be, are always trying to help you with EVERY issue in life you face… but they can’t help you much if you don’t understand them.

My books will give you the ability to understand your dreams, to understand the symbols in them, to find the warnings and messages they offer AND how to apply their messages to your life. Like I always say, when you can understand your dreams, you can change your life.

I feel so much better now that I have read your books and especially because I have them on my nightstand.

I get a lot of bad dreams and now I understand what they mean and more importantly, what is causing them.

Your books have really made a big difference in my awake and my asleep life. I now know that there is not something wrong with me, but rather something wrong in my life I need to handle better.
I really can’t thank you enough for writing these.” – Jamie, Louisville, KY