Monday’s are naughty dream day because that’s the day I get to analyze a sex dream on the blog Em and Lo: Sex Love & Everything Inbetween  This week’s dream feature’s rapper L’il Wayne…

I had this dream the other night where my mom and I were on vacation and the rapper I like, Lil Wayne, was staying at the same hotel. My mom and I got to meet him and later I went back to my room with Wayne. While we were having sex, my mom walked in on us. Weird dream!

Lauri: Yes, all dreams are weird… until you break them down and figure them out! Let’s do that to yours, shall we? The setting of your dream is a hotel, which means you are in a situation in your life that is temporary, because we only stay in hotels for a short period of time. What is happening with you that is passing or fleeting? If it’s not a situation, then it may be a passing state of mind. 

Anyhoo, Lil Wayne makes an appearance in your dream, not only because you like him, but because your dreaming mind is using him to give you a message. Which one of his songs comes to mind when you think of him?  Does the title speak to you and your current situation? What about the lyrics? There’s something about Lil Wayne that resonates with you and you are in the midst of bringing that into your life, into your behavior, into your personality — just as you were bringing him into your body in the dream. 

But alas, Mom walks in!  This is directly connected to a recent interruption in your waking life.  Has your mom recently put a stop to something such as plans you had or a relationship you were in? Or maybe you’re a mom yourself, in which case she would be standing in for your own role as “Mom.” Has being a mother interfered with anything lately, kept you from reaching a personal goal or anything along those lines? 

Whatever the case, again, the situation is temporary. Your dream placed you on vacation to remind you that nothing lasts forever, so be sure to enjoy the now.

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