Every Monday I get to dissect a sex or relationship dream for my friends at Em and Lo: Sex, Love and Everything Inbetween  This week’s dream is about a gal whose good time is ruined by crickets!

I had this really weird dream where I was in a huge mansion with tons of girls and only 4 guys. I think it was a free for all orgy party but, not wanting to share, I grabbed a cute guy and quickly made off with him.

Next thing I know we’re lying on a bed in a room with a low ceiling and a big ceiling light. We start making out and the guy stops to ask if we could move to another room, because he’s afraid there’re crickets in the light fixtures.

Of course, I walk away from him. But after a while I turn and go back to him and then I wake up from my dream. So what the hell is going on with me?I Hate Mood-spoiling Crickets.

Lauri: A large amount of girls in a dream often points to a large amount of feminine energy in waking life. The free-for-all orgy of mostly girls reflects something seemingly chaotic and messy you would rather not have a part of. Are all your girlfriends getting together and being catty in order to please themselves?

The low ceiling and the large light fixture that might be full of crickets seems to suggest there is an issue “hanging over your head” that is really “bugging” you… but is probably based on an assumption rather than a certainty.

Even though the guy was the one bothered by them, he is a part of you. He is the yang to your yin. You walk away because part of you does not want to attend to this matter, but then you come back because the bigger part of you knows you need to handle your bizness!

The message of the dream is to get in touch with your inner Orkin Man ®, “exterminate” the issue that’s bugging you by shining the “light” of truth on it.

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