Every Monday I get to dissect a naughty dream for my friends at Em and Lo: Sex, Love and Everything Inbetween  This week’s dream is about a long distance relationship… 

A few nights after a really nice, sunny day spent with my boyfriend , I had this dream that really bothered me. In the dream, he’s just come back from a long trip. We settle down to talk in my living room. We are holding hands and leaning on each other, and suddenly there is this anonymous girl there with us. She brings up a shocking bit of news — that my boyfriend has impregnated some hussy while abroad! He is totally ashamed and repentant, and while I get a little angry, I mostly stay cool-headed and even say, “Let’s not have a stupid fight” (I remember this line very clearly). I walk out of the room angrily, but then quickly return and accept him and propose a way for us to work through this trial. Of course, our potential for welcome-back sex is ruined.

This dream shocked me because it is totally out of character for both me and my boyfriend. We have been very committed to one another for close to two years. And though we have not yet had intercourse on the basis of taking things slow and smart. We do live an hour apart, but I see him most weekends and will be with him from the summer onward.

Lauri: When you are in a long distance relationship (even when the distance isn’t all that long) it is common to dream that your mate is in another country… or even on another planet! It reflects how difficult the distance is on the emotions. You want so badly to be together that it seems like you are light years away from each other.

His impregnation of “some hussy” is nothing for you to worry about! It very likely means that he has “fathered’ something new in his life such as a new idea, a new job, a new project… something that he considers to be “his baby.” Do you recall if, on that really nice sunny day, he mentioned something new in his life that might require quite a bit of his attention? This may be why you handled the news so well in your dream, because the real life situation is something you can accept… something perhaps you wanted to protest at first, but realized it is something you can live with.

Now as for the welcome back sex being ruined: that’s just the old “taking it slow and smart” attitude of yours creeping into the dream so that you don’t even break your commitment while sleeping! Man, you’re a tough cookie! …but a smart one!

Dreams help us in every area of our lives, relationships, career, overcoming the past… you name it!  When you can understand your dreams, your life gets better because decisions are easier, tough situations are clearer and you’re just plain smarter when you dream! My book Cracking The Dream Code will help you learn your own dream language so you can get an edge in life.