You may not know this about me but I was an artist before I was a professional Dream Analyst. Well, I wouldn’t say I was a professional artist as I had no formal training and certainly wasn’t making enough money painting murals in people’s homes to survive, but I was painting a lot. I painted because I liked it.

Long story short, my interest in dreams took me off that road. I became so involved in building my career as a professional Dream Analyst that I completely neglected the artist in me… until my dreams started nagging me about it. You can read about how my dreams guided me back towards my art here and here. BTW, your dreams are guiding you towards your ultimate self too… if you just pay attention.

I had a few false starts over the years, getting back into my art – you know how it is, you try to start something but life keeps getting in the way. But now, I am back full throttle! And what you see here on this page, are some of my recent pieces.  I’ve been getting such great encouragement and feedback from others that I joined up with an art site so that people could purchase art prints of my work, for an extremely affordable price, as well as my work on cool items such as the ones below; Lord knows I could use the additional income these days. Be sure to keep scrolling down, and if you like what you see, click on the picture and it will take you to the page where you get one for yourself!

Throw Pillows



T shirts
(choose your color)



Totes (Choose your size)



iphone cases and skins


There are also mugs, lap top covers and of course art prints to choose from. If you are interested in any of these designs, just go here, click on the design you like, and then you will see all the items you can have it printed on. These make great gifts as well!

“I love my Purple Haze tote… I carry it everywhere!” – Beth Gadbois, Fort Wayne, IN

“I love my Heisenberg tote bag! They banned plastic grocery bags here so this is great for shopping. I also got the happiness fairy tote for my friend.” – Lorrie Ferrero, Chatsworth, CA

“Millie loves her Hendrix shirt. We will be looking out for a Bowie incarnation from you!” – Amy Rutherford, Portland, Dorset, UK

“I’m so geeked!!!! My boyfriend loves the drowning dream iphone case too!!! Might get him one too!!! She is so beautiful!!” – Jodi Snyder. Goshen, IN