It seems we spend our whole life going after the almighty dollar. So many of us spend our lives in jobs we hate just so we can pay the bills. We do it out of necessity. We work. We get paid and then we pay the bills.  But more bills come so we continue to work, continue to get paid so we can pay… It’s an endless cycle. So when you dream of money, you might naturally think it has to do with your finances. Sometimes it does but, more often than not, money in dreams isn’t about your monetary currency but rather your emotional and psychological currency, that which we pay out to others in the form of love, time and/or respect and that which we earn and receive in the form of compliments, gratitude, respect and so on. Just like monetary currency, emotional and psychological currency is an earn and pay process but that is often far more rewarding!

Below is an example of how our dreams will use the form of money to give us a message about how our emotional and psychological currency transactions are going. The following is from my nationally syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone:

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed I was in an office somewhere. I opened a drawer and saw an envelope with cash in it. I started taking some and felt really terrible about taking it, but couldn’t stop.
– Noreen 61, Philadelphia, PA

Lauri:  The office setting suggests this is connected to an issue you have been working on or that has been a lot of work for you. Cash in dreams is usually connected to your self-worth as well as the value others see in you. This is why we “pay” someone a compliment. But in your dream you took rather than being paid. Have you recently felt you weren’t being given the credit or appreciation you feel you deserve? Also, think about how you felt in the dream and see if it compares to something similar in real life. What have you been feeling bad about lately?

Noreen replies: You are right, I’m not feeling appreciated. I have done so much for my daughter and I barely ever get a thank you. I watched my first grandson every day for the first 5 years of his life. I gave up everything in my own life to do it. I’d do it over again because of the relationship I have with him, but she’s never acknowledged what I did for her or the money I saved her. We’ve loaned her and her husband money, painted their house and other things. Not only do they barely acknowledge anything we’ve done, they barely talk to us when we’re at their house. We were there yesterday so this may be why I dreamed it last night.

Lauri replies: It’s hard to let go of resentment when someone treats you that way. But, the grandkids are worth it. Maybe that’s the message. That’s your payment for all your work.

Noreen replies: Wow. That sounds just right. Thank you so much for all your input. You have hit the nail on the head.

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