So on September 17th, just 3 days ago, Madonna did one of those “ask me anything” threads on Reddit. Someone on the thread asked her what was the last thing that made her laugh. Well, it just so happened to be a dream! Here is what she said: “Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream.”

Let’s break this down, shall we? Pay attention because, as I break down Madonna’s dream I am going to give you some really good tips on how to figure out your own dreams. Here we go…

Madonna was living with Brad Pitt. That means that Brad Pitt symbolizes something Madonna has been living with lately or perhaps symbolizes HOW she has been living lately.

When you have a celebrity in your dream you need to find the common thread between you and that celebrity. Most of the time it will be a movie they have been in that seems to fit your life right now or maybe a character they have played that you can connect with. If the celebrity is a singer or musician you may find particular meaning for yourself in the title or lyrics of one of their songs.

I don’t have Madonna here to ask her what movie or role comes to mind when she thinks of Brad Pitt so what I can do is apply a general meaning. In my research I have found that, in the last few years, Brad Pitt has come to represent fatherhood. I mean, he has a gazillion kids now. And like Madonna, they have both adopted and had children of their own. That’s quite a common thread! Madonna does not live with the fathers of her children so she has to play Mom and Dad when they are with her. So it makes sense that she is living with Brad because she has to live with playing the role of Dad.

There was a small blonde child in the bed.

Unknown children in dreams can represent something newish in your life OR can represent your own inner child, the part of you that is carefree and fun loving and alternatively the part of you that is childish and needs to grow up. Hmmm. Again without Madonna here to ask if she’s been acting childish in some way (good or bad) I can only go by what I know of her. I think we all know she is extremely driven and a pretty hardcore workaholic. She may not let her inner child out to play much.  But now that she’s got all these kids, just like Brad does, perhaps she is beginning to know her inner child more. It also important that the child was blonde.

Hair in a dream often symbolizes your thoughts and ideas or what is on your mind.  Blonde hair in a dream would suggest one is lightening up in their thoughts or becoming more positive. Perhaps Madonna is beginning to lighten up in some way. I’ve read that she’s pretty strict with the kids, just as she is strict with herself: no TV, no sugar, no iphones, etc.  Maybe she’s beginning to play more, have fries once in a while, etc.

The dream certainly seems positive. And if Madonna were here and I were her dream therapist, I would tell her that her dream is showing her she needs to let her fun-loving care free self continue to grow and develop. She’s spent the majority of her life on strict regimens and working, working working… time to play.

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