The TV remote, your cell phone, your glasses, these are a few of the most common items we tend to misplace during the day. In my many years of research I’ve found that the most commonly misplaced item in a dream is not your car keys but rather… your car! Seems kinda crazy that it would be so common to dream of losing something so huge, doesn’t it? Read on and it will all make perfect sense…

Dear Lauri,
I have had several dreams in the last year where I am lost. For example, I was in my church where I have gone since I was a little girl and can’t find my way out. When I finally do come out I cannot find my vehicle. – Amanda 30, Decatur, IN

Lauri: Losing your car or discovering that your car has been stolen is actually a pretty common dream theme, so common in fact that you are the third person who reported having that dream to me today! Your car represents your drive and motivation to continue to move forward in some area. Less often your car can represent a direction you are headed in. To lose it may mean you are losing your motivation or are feeling directionless and just don’t know how to proceed. In addition, being lost in a dream means something in waking life is causing you to feel directionless and/or uncertain as to what to do. So you’ve got yourself a double whammy of uncertainty here in your dream. However, the church setting is a friendly suggestion you are sending yourself not to lose faith right now.

Amanda replies: Wow. You hit the nail on the head. I can’t find a job so I get discouraged… a lot. I worry I’ll never get back on my feet again and won’t be able to provide for my kids. This is encouraging. I will take my dream’s advice and keep the faith! Thank you.

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