The TV remote, your cell phone, your glasses, these are a few of the most common items we tend to misplace during the day. In my many years of research I’ve found that the most commonly misplaced item in a dream is not your car keys but rather… your car! Seems kinda crazy that it would be so common to dream of losing something so huge, doesn’t it? Read on and it will all make perfect sense…

Dear Lauri,
I have had several dreams in the last year where I am lost. For example, I was in my church where I have gone since I was a little girl and can’t find my way out. When I finally do come out I cannot find my vehicle. – Amanda 30, Decatur, IN

Lauri: Losing your car or discovering that your car has been stolen is actually a pretty common dream theme, so common in fact that you are the third person who reported having that dream to me today! Your car represents your drive and motivation to continue to move forward in some area. Less often your car can represent a direction you are headed in. To lose it may mean you are losing your motivation or are feeling directionless and just don’t know how to proceed. In addition, being lost in a dream means something in waking life is causing you to feel directionless and/or uncertain as to what to do. So you’ve got yourself a double whammy of uncertainty here in your dream. However, the church setting is a friendly suggestion you are sending yourself not to lose faith right now.

Amanda replies: Wow. You hit the nail on the head. I can’t find a job so I get discouraged… a lot. I worry I’ll never get back on my feet again and won’t be able to provide for my kids. This is encouraging. I will take my dream’s advice and keep the faith! Thank you.

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25 thoughts on “Losing your car in a dream

  1. jesse says:

    i am always having this dream. only, i lose my car, find it again and then it’s gone again. i keep thinking someone is stealing it on purpose. so, then i’ll try to steal someone else’s car to get away or get home and i usually am trying to save my daughter by getting to my car, but the car is always gone.

  2. Ryan says:

    WOW.. I just had a car dream the other night with it completely submerged in mud, and struggling to get it out. And if its anything like losing your car she’s right on the money, just don’t seem to be going anywhere right now in my life. Way to go Lauri!

  3. Mary W says:

    Perfect!!! cannot find a job, don’t know what to do or direction to go.

  4. An out of control car in a dream or a car that suddenly starts rolling down the road (I used to get these kinds of dreams A LOT when I was kid!) could indicate one is feeling "driven" to the brink, "driven" to a breaking point, or that someone else is "driving" them instead of having their own will power to control their lie circumstances. It also could mean that the dreamers' "drive" in life is taking them "along for the ride" whether they like it or not!

    I used to have a lot of these types of dreams where I was in the backseat or passengers seat and even in some cases locked in the trunk (sounds like a couple of bad parents, right? lol) left alone in the driveway and it would suddenly start rolling down the road and I couldn't control it.

    Makes sense! I was going through a lot of changes during that time, and I was being bullied in school, parents were always ALWAYS arguing etc. It was "driving" me up the wall. Not to mention I had no control over those situations, but they just kept coming.

  5. I also used to get these horrible nightmares about my mom as a cat demon, with a hazel cat's eye on the middle of her forehead where the third eye is often claimed to be, long claws (I mean long, like three feet) and horns of a bull on her head where her ears should have been and she would attack me. Though first it was just a staring ritual where she would stare me down and I couldn't move (sound like hypnogogia?) After she would start to advance towards me, I would always try to run into my room and get away from her, but she would always tear the door down a kill me. Scary or what?

    However, at that time my mom was very aggressive and would start these nasty arguments with my dad so putting her in the form of a monster is a perfect example of how she was in waking life…and maybe even alerting me to the fact that it wasn't his fault, nor hers, but she was demon"eyes"ing us by starting these arguments instead of taking a breather and thinking things through, using logic over emotion.

    If that isn't enough, I've made an astounding discovery as to how I fully learned the truth about my orientation…yes, THROUGH MY DREAMS! They at first wouldn't sound like they had any correlation to the real issue at all, but after many repeated encounters, I just caught on to their pattern.

  6. Frances Navarro Patrick Gama says:

    makes sense, so thank God for Jesus to help

  7. Every single dream I have I am lost either in a building or my car is gone. I I am always with people I know and get separated from them usually we are on vacation somewhere it is never familiar places. This has been going on as long as I can remember I always wake up and try to start a new dream and end up back in the old one.

  8. My two most recurring (bad) dreams are that I drive somewhere unfamiliar, park my car and then can't find it afterwards. I'm walking all over unfamiliar territory and can't remember or recall where I parked it. After a while I get really scared and manage to wake myself up. My second most recurring dream is that I am trying to call my girlfriend but my cell phone either won't work, is falling apart or there are strange characters on the keys and I can't make them work. Last night I dreamed my cell phone was clogged with tuna fish!! I took the phone apart and all this tuna fish was clogging the phone. When I finally put it back together, the monitor wouldn't work. I've had this dream more times that the lost car. I also know that I'm having a bad dream when this happens, but it feels so real to me that I can't seem to wake myself up from it and continue to try to make the phone work .. but it just keeps falling apart or turns into something completely foreign to me. My girlfriend and I do not have the same loving relationship we once had so I interpret that dream to mean I am frustrated at our lack of communication. (:(

    1. Ashton says:

      Either that or it means it isnt going to work no
      Matter how you try to fix it.
      I had this car dream juat before i woke up but first it was my S13 that was at the tire shop then all of a sudden i had a holden R8 (the only new holden i like but i still hate holdens and wouldnt buy one) i had this car while waiting for my cae to be done but then i lost the white R8 amongts like 6 different car parks at some massive shopping centre. A few days before this i had a dream about a snake attacking me which i hate them, but look that one up too..

  9. Ad Vaita says:

    …in my dream my car was stolen, but in the end of the dream I got it back 🙂

  10. Anthony Ali says:

    I lose my car often in my dreams and I'm always fighting to find it. I also have a reoccurring dream where i scream in the faces of my family pack my stuff and leave. I never have anywhere to go and I am stuck living in my car

  11. Baba Joel says:

    Something is holding you back and until you understand this, you may not be able to move forward. The car or any form of vehilcle is to take you to a distance ahead of where you are which walking cannot do, even if we are talking of a bicycle. If you are a believer, you can pray for God to remove obstacles from your path.

  12. Vicki Fox says:

    This makes sence i have recently retired and unsure wich direction to go

  13. I had 2 dreams in one month like that, that really upsets me.very stressful.then I wake and realized that it only a dream.

  14. Oh yes, the dream is about losing and looking for my car.

    1. Margaret says:

      I dreamed that I could’ t remember where I parked my car and my mother who died years ago was helping me to look for it. I didn’t find it.

    2. Kasia says:

      Omg! I have this dream often!!! I am a psychiatric RN and am puzzled by it every time!! I am really having a difficult time with it!!!!?!!!! Help!!!!

  15. Ryan says:

    Sums it up perfectly! I am employed and moving to a new job shortly. My new job have offered me a huge pay rise to stay but the new job has also offered a similar salary but has huge career progression plus a lot more holiday entitlement! I am so torn between the two and can’t make my mind up! It’s entering the unknown that is worrying and starting all over again! My last two dreams have been my car being stolen and losing my car in the parking lot. This explanation makes perfect sense!

  16. Crystal says:

    I dream I go to get something to eat I realize I left my money in the car so I go to retrieve if when I get to my car it’s gone and my key is broken in half

  17. Jorge MM says:

    I got a full time job and also do things aside so money is not a big issue with me but yes, sometimes I feel I need a change and I would like to give another direction to my life… I dreamed about my car (in my dream it was driverless) went ahead very fast and let me behind, I got somebody to track it using an app but still was too far… Also in the second part of my dream I couldn’t find my car and I couldn’t remember exactly where I left it.. Dreaming losing my car is becoming very common now. Your explanation make sense to me.. Thank you. Cheers.

  18. Lynn says:

    I have had the lost\stolen car dream,too! I am parked at a store or other business and when I come out it’s gone.I’ve had this dream from time to time over the years.
    Also had dreams about falling out of a moving car and dreams of going back to school or a house I lived in during childhood.

  19. Brooke says:

    I have dreams of losing .. not mine but my father’s car or I’m driving his car & I’m crashing into things constantly, what does it mean?

  20. Stephani says:

    I had a similar dream, about a friend of my brothers stole my new car, and my old car. I called the police who came out but did nothing, and I was thinking in the dream that I don’t have insurance so what do I do now, this was so weird.

  21. Kat says:

    I keep having the same dream lately about loosing my car in a car park and wandering around what feels like all night and no one willing to help me find it. This interpretation makes so much sense. I have a few things going on in my life causing me feeling unmotivated, directionless and uncertain with what to do! Thank you so much for sharing! I feel so much better.

  22. Jean V says:

    I had a dream that someone stole my car in a parking ,I came back and it was gone, my friend said the stranger guy sold it already , then I called the police.they were saying I will get back my car and they’ll help me to find it. (I’m sure, because there’s a tracker in my car since it’s still on a payment plan from a dealership). While in the phone, my friends were helping me find this stranger guy (their). And -they found him! and they brought him up to me with zip ties on his neck , which I felt relief , that the thief had been found! unfortunately he had a knife and he did killed my friend (got blurry in my dream) and he killed himself. This was a nightmare dream and I couldn’t go back to sleep.

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