Dreams serve so many purposes beyond a giggle in the morning as we replay them in our mind.  They problem solve, they shed light on what is confusing us, they advise us, they warn us and they even inspire us.  There are countless works of literature, pieces of music and inventions that were born in a dream.  The story of Frankenstein, the song Yesterday and the sewing machine just to name a few.

It’s important for everyone to pay attention to their dreams because they are such a helpful and powerful part of who we are… but if you are an artist, writer or musician, it can really pay off to listen to your dreams because they are a goldmine of creative ideas.  Just ask singer and songwriter KT Tunstall…

You never know what genius awaits you in your dreams! Grab yourself a copy of one of my books and get a huge edge in life by being able to understand your dreams!

“I LOVE your book Cracking The Dream Code… I refer to it almost every morning! Even with as long as I have had it I am STILL amazed by the accuracy!” – Mindy Direen, Salt Lake City, UT