Ever get that dream where it’s the end of the world? Yeesh! That’s a hard one to shake, huh? “Pretty Girl Rock” singer Keri Hilson, recently revealed in an interview with FUSE TV that she has that dream quite a bit. You can watch her talk about it in the video below. After the ad, she starts talking about it at the 1:40 mark…

Wonder what it means when you dream of the end of the world? Well read on, dahlings and find out! The following is from the Nightmare chapter of my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life

The book of Revelations, to Nostradamus’ predictions to movies like The Day After, it’s no wonder that when we get an “end of the world” dream we wonder if we are actually seeing the future demise of our planet! Thankfully, nothing could be farther from the truth. End of the world dreams are very common and come to us when our own personal world, as we now know it, is ending or changing. I’m sure you’re starting to see a theme here, changes and endings seem to cause nightmares. Keep in mind, it is only the changes and endings that we resist or that we fear that induce nightmares. As far as end of the world dreams, the change or ending is much more vast and encompasses a massive part of your life.

I dreamed that I was outdoors watching some sporting event. All of a sudden, missiles began dropping from the sky and one exploded right on top of us! I knew this was Armageddon. I felt the explosion ripple through my body and I literally felt my body dissolve. I also heard the sound very loudly, but did not wake up until it was over. It FELT so real! – Christina 25

Lauri: What sort of major shift or change is happening in your life? Your body disintegrated because there must be some major physical changes happening with you. Sometimes explosions in dreams can indicate an emotional explosion is about to happen. It is a warning that if you don’t get rid of certain stresses or frustrations or angers in your life, you are likely to have a serious emotional outburst. Whatever the case, this dream seems to be an indicator that your personal world around you is undergoing massive change… let’s hope it’s a change for the better!

Christina replies: I did just have a baby and I was having the dream BEFORE the baby came! We also just moved into a new house at the first of this month. So what you said about my personal world undergoing massive change makes sense.

A new baby and a new home are substantial changes, yet positive ones, so why the nightmare? As any first time Mom will tell you, a new baby is scary! So many things to worry about: am I going to be a good mom? What is this going to do to my body? Is labor going to really hurt? Is my baby going to be healthy? Your world changes when you become a parent for the first time… and it’s scary because it’s the biggest undertaking of your life. Your world no longer revolves around you. Through this dream Christina’s inner mind bid adieu to the world, and body, she left behind.

Our own personal worlds are the reality that revolves around us; it consists of the people who are immediately around us such as spouses, children, co-workers and best friends. Our daily or repetitive surroundings such as our home, place of work, favorite hangout, place of worship or gym and our daily and repetitive behaviors, beliefs and self-image. When any of these areas change dramatically, or is essentially wiped out to the point that serious and focused adjustment is required, an end of the world dream is likely to occur. It is the way the inner mind says, “Well, that’s the end of that.”

The nightmare chapter of Dream On It also covers Being Chased, Falling, Your Death, Death of a Loved One, Murder, Trapped, End of the World, Zombies, Blood, and Paralysis

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