By now you may have heard or seen Joe Scarborough drop the F Bomb on MSNBC this morning.
What I found most interesting was that he blamed it on the sleep aid Ambien!  Ambien is responsible for causing all kinds of odd sleep behavior, otherwise known as Parasomnias, such as sleep eating, sleep driving, sleep painting and sleep sex!  There is even a case of sleep eating on Ambien where the person made themselves a butter and cigarette shake!!   The thing is Joe, it only causes such behaviors while the person is actually ASLEEP! A for effort. 

Why does Ambien cause Parasomnias while other sleep aids such as Rozerum and Lunesta do not?  Because Ambien is a Zolpidem, which is a sedative hypnotic – hypnotic being the key word here.  That means it activates the subconscious mind and therefore can cause one to do very strange things while in an hypnotic trance. 

Frighteningly, a lot of people, namely teens, are getting a hold of this drug and using it recreationally.  If you want to creep yourself out, just search youtube and you’ll find an endless supply of people tripping out on Ambien.  I discovered this – unfortunately – when I was searching for some good video of the guy that sleep paints on Ambien!