In honor of Memorial Day I wanted to do a blog with a soldier theme, so I dug in my archives and found this really good audio clip from when I was on WFUS here in Tampa back in ’08!
Lester, one of the co-hosts of the Skip Mahaffey Show, had a dream about being a confederate soldier. The details of the dream are pretty amazing and certainly make one wonder if it was revealing a past life…

Lester’s dream is a wonderful example of  how the dreaming mind will step in when we are going through a tough situation and give us very precise directions on how to handle the issue at hand.  Lester’s precise direction? Time to go into soldier mode, be strong and fight! Fight the legal issues, fight the depression that surrounds the issue, fight for what is right!

Speaking of soldiers, I want to thank all the soldiers out there that have fought and are fighting for our country, as well as all families of soldiers. My uncle fought in Vietnam and was never the same after he returned so if you know a soldier, don’t forget to tell him or her how much you appreciate their sacrifice. It could mean more to them than you know.

dream-on-it-smDreams help us in every area of our lives, relationships, career, overcoming the past… you name it!  When you can understand your dreams, your life gets better because decisions are easier, tough situations are clearer and you’re just plain smarter when you dream! My latest book Dream On It will help you learn your own dream language so you can get an edge in life.

“This is not a book that you read only once because you need it as a reference to your daily dreams and because Lauri Leowenberg, in a very unique way, explains a lot about the whys, whats and whens about dreams for anyone interested in interpreting them. I recommend it! It is definitely one of the best that I have come across of its kind for a long time.”   – Sophia, Athens, Greece