Every week I analyze a naughty dream for www.emandlo.com This week is a steamy one about Lindsay Lohan…

I dreamed that I was in a hostel (perhaps because I’ve just returned from backpacking in Europe) and I bumped into Lindsay Lohan.  Somehow I managed to convince Lindsay to follow me to a room, and when we got there we began to make out. 

As I pinned Lindsay down and began to kiss my way down her body, a head popped up from under the blanket of the other bed – it was a guy from a clique I’d quarreled with two years ago and haven’t spoken to since.  He wanted in on it, but we preferred to keep it to just us. 

In the dream, Lindsay and I had quite wonderful foreplay, when suddenly four people from that same group that I’d quarrelled withcame in.  They had all been watching Lindsay and I go at it.  By this time both of us felt distinctly uncomfortable and we decided to stop having sex because it was just strange doing it with so many people watching.  We left the room and parted ways and nothing else came of that!

What does it mean?  I am straight and engaged to the love of my life. 


Lauri:  Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay… so many things come to mind regarding this gal.  My guess is that your dreaming mind is using her because her most popular movie is “Mean Girls.”   Your dream seems to be commenting on the fact that, at the time of this dream,  you were in a “hostile” situation in your life, hence the hostel setting in the dream.  Was someone around you being “mean” to you?  The other characters in your dream are people whom you’ve quarreled with.  So this recent situation must feel the same as that past situation did.

Sex in a dream is actually about “coming together” with, uniting with the qualities of your lover in the dream.  Lindsay’s character was a good girl gone bad, gone good again.  Perhaps you were recently trying to overcome your bad girl self and play the good girl in the waking life situation… but just as it was getting hot and heavy and too many people were wanting to get in on the action in the dream, things were probably getting too “heated” and too involved and complicated in waking life.  It seems that the message your dream is to be aware of how this is making you look to others and just walk away.

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