Every Monday I get to dissect a sex or relationship dream for my friends at Em and Lo: Sex, Love and Everything Inbetween  This week’s dream is about a gal who is in a very urgent situation…

In my dream I woke up to find a demolition ball outside of our apparent apartment building getting ready to knock it down.  My kids father was just kinda standing there saying, “Oh cool…I forgot to tell you they were knocking this place down.” I’m running around getting the kids together so we can leave, and he sits down and watches TV…I wake up in a cold sweat.

Lauri: When we wake up in a dream, as you did, it means we have recently “woken up” to a real life issue we had previously been turning a blind eye towards.  What realization have you had lately?  From the context of this dream, alas, it seems to have been a rude awakening.

What part of your life is on the verge of breaking down, of being destroyed?  In the dream it is being shown to you in the form of your home, which is a good indication your daily life, as you now know it, is at stake.

This dream is a warning sign you are sending yourself that there is a very destructive force in your life that needs to be eliminated ASAP!  Is it the father of your two young children?  Or is it something else that he has allowed to go on or has refused to help you with? 

Just as you are rushing to get out of the apartment in the dream, so are you needing to urgently get out of a waking life situation. The father is of no help in the dream because, deep down, you know this is something only you can truly take care of.  The message of the dream is: get out of this situation ASAP before everything seemingly crumbles around you.

Dreams help us in every area of our lives, relationships, career, overcoming the past… you name it!  When you can understand your dreams, your life gets better because decisions are easier, tough situations are clearer and you’re just plain smarter when you dream! My book Cracking The Dream Code will help you learn your own dream language so you can get an edge in life. 

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