One of the most common dreams I hear about is the one where you are trying to punch someone but it goes in slow motion, you can’t land the punch or if you do, it’s like hitting a sponge and has no effect whatsoever!  These dreams are so frustrating!  And that frustration you feel in the dream is directly related to waking life frustration you are experiencing over something that doesn’t seem to be working out because… YOU AREN’T GIVING IT YOUR BEST SHOT!  Find a figure of speech in your dream and you’ve found yourself the message.

But what if you dream you are the one getting punched, or you are witnessing someone else getting punched?  Read on and find out.  This is from my weekly newspaper column called The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri,
I see a man lying in what looks to be a hospital bed.  He is being punched in the face over and over again, it is really violent. There was a heart monitor hooked up to him, it finally went flat. The man died off, and then the punching stopped. There was a peaceful moment, suddenly the heart monitor began to beep again, and the man was alive.   – Norma, Bedford, TX

Lauri: The man in the dream is most likely you! He is your male side, the part of you that needs to “man up” and handle your business.  All that punching suggests someone has been taking shots at you in some way, criticizing you or beating you down emotionally. The part of you that can stand up for yourself, the male part, is not at all active.  It seems that you’ve been taking someone’s #*! for so long that your ability to fight back is flat-lining… until recently! The man coming back to life is a good sign that you may finally be standing up for yourself. In what way have you “grown a pair” and did what needed to be done?

Norma replies: A co-worker has a way of sucking my positive energy from me and he makes me feel that I am incompetent in completing my work correctly. We had a falling out last week. I spoke with him over the phone at work and I apologized but he wasn’t accepting it, instead he was hateful. I then saw him yesterday and asked him if he was still angry at me and of course he was. I give up on him.  I am going to leave him alone but he will call my department from time to time and I know that I will have to deal with him again. I have decided I will stand confidant if I have to interact with him again. Lauri, many, many thanks!

When you can understand what your dreams are telling you, you can make huge positive changes in your life and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start listening to your dreams sooner! Grab yourself a copy of one of my books and you’ll never have to wonder what your dreams mean again!

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