Most of us, in our waking lives, consider ourselves to be pretty decent human beings. We wake up, have our coffee and watch a bit of the news, kiss the kids as they head off to school, we trudge through work, come home, get dinner on the table, kiss the kids goodnight, wash the grime of the day off our body, jump into bed then… dream we’re an ax murderer!! Wha??? Where did that come from?

You’d be surprised how many times I hear from good, honest, hard-working individuals who report this dream to me. As brutal as this dream may be, there is a very good reason for it! Read on to find out why… (The following is from my nationally syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone)

Dear Lauri,
In my dream a policeman knocks on my door and arrests me for murder. I know right away he thinks I killed some little girl I apparently know in the dream. I tell him I didn’t do it, that I love her so much. I realize I have to go to jail and I know I will be found guilty even though I didn’t do it. I‘m so frustrated that I wake up.
– Paulette 59, Santa Ana, CA

Lauri: The police will slap on the cuffs in our dreams when it’s time to put an end to or “arrest” something, in our waking life, such as a harmful behavior or a bad situation, etc. What’s going on in your life that needs to stop? You’re being accused of murder. What have you recently “killed off” in your life? Children in dreams – if they don’t belong to us in waking life – often symbolize our own “inner child,” our fun-loving, carefree, silly self. Have you not been allowing yourself to have some fun lately? Have you been working and stressing too much? Going to jail indicates that you are feeling confined and held back. What or who in your waking life is confining you? The frustration you felt in your dream is due to some frustrating and confining situation in your waking life… something from which you need to “free yourself!”

Paulette replies: Your response made me cry. It’s amazing how much our dreams can tell us, about ourselves. I have been extremely stressed on a new job and it has caused my wonderful happy self to be really crabby. Thank you for the enlightenment.

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