Every Wednesday I get to dissect a sex or relationship dream for my friends at  Em and Lo: Sex, Love and Everything In Between  This week’s dream is from a woman who is wondering why she’s dreaming about being pregnant…

I’m female, single, and very NOT pregnant, but I recently had a dream in which I had just told the guy I’ve been seeing that I’m pregnant. We haven’t discussed being exclusive, but I haven’t been with anyone else since I met him two months ago. Anyways, I’m at his place when I tell him I’m pregnant and clearly recall that he immediately tells me that he won’t have sex with me anymore because I’m too “delicate” and “fragile.” I get upset and start to argue with him but he won’t let me get upset so he hugs and cuddles me to calm me and keeps whispering over and over again that I’m “delicate” and “fragile.” Sorry there was no sex in this dream, but it’s been preying on my mind. Thanks for the help! – Nina

Lauri: Dreams of pregnancy are very common, even when you aren’t hankerin’ for a hunk of bun in your oven. What it means is that something new is emerging in your life or within you. Seems to me that the idea of becoming exclusive with this guy is what is “growing inside of you.” Through this dream you are going through a dress rehearsal — so to speak — to see how it might go should you bring the idea of exclusivity up to him.

The dream takes place at his place because his place represents his mindset. You are wanting to get in there and see if he would be open to the idea you are pregnant with. He says he won’t have sex with you anymore because you are afraid he will not… ahem… “come together with you” on this idea. When he tells you that you are too delicate and fragile, it is really you telling yourself this. It’s not that you are too fragile to have sex, but perhaps too fragile to be turned down, which is why you argue in the dream. It is an argument with yourself whether you should bring the idea up or not. Just as he hugs you in the dream, you’d love for him to embrace this idea. I don’t think the dream is telling you not to do it, I believe it is letting you know that this is what you want — and warning you that if you do bring it up and he’s not hip to exclusivity, it might be a crushing blow… so be prepared.

Nina replies:  First, I have to thank your for your time and expertise in providing me an analysis. Second, wow.  I’m amazed at the ease and clarity with which you intepret the symbols and circumstances of my dream. Your interpretation hit all the notes of the my ponderings with this possible “relationship” and have subsequently brought my thoughts to focus. I am truly impressed and think it wonderful that you share your skills so generously.  Again, my sincere thanks.

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I absolutely love your books! They are helping me sort my dreams out already.”   – Belinda, Savannah, GA