When you can understand your dreams, you’ll find that they are the best glimpse of reality available.  They are the way you are brutally honest with yourself when your conscious waking mind refuses to be. They are the way you nag yourself over a recurring behavior you need to correct or an issue you aren’t giving enough attention to, hence the persistent recurring dream.  They are also your very best friend and adviser when you need to make a tough decision or solve a difficult problem.  No one truly knows what is best for you… than YOU! The truth is, your best thinking isn’t done in the shower, it’s done while you dream.

The dream below is a great example of how our dreams help us to face our problems so we can correct them and live a better life. This is from my nationally syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri,
I keep having a dream that I’m sleeping and someone I can’t see comes in and tries to suffocate me. Then suddenly I’m behind this person. I hit them and I take the hood off and their face is blank! – Allison 21, Grand Rapids, MI

Lauri: Some of the symbols in this dream sound like you are experiencing Sleep Paralysis, which is a result of not getting enough sleep. The most common symptoms are a sinister presence in the room, a pressure on the chest making it difficult to breathe and the inability to scream or move. However, the other symbols make this seem more like an actual REM dream that has a message for you so I’m going to go with that. The fact that you’re sleeping means there may be a an issue that you have been turning a blind eye towards, something your inner mind wants you to “wake up” to and see it for what it truly is. The suffocation suggests you feel this issue is beginning to close in on you and is becoming more of a problem. The hood on the figure is another symbol of keeping yourself in the dark about this issue or at least keeping your thoughts to yourself. The advice in this dream comes in the form of you taking the hood off and seeing a blank face. That means you must remove your fear and FACE this once and for all. Once you do, and deal with the issue properly, the dreams will stop because as it is now, these recurring dreams are the way you are nagging yourself about this ongoing, unresolved issue.

Allison replies: My children have been with my family for almost a year and I’ve been fighting to get them back but I have also been hiding from the situation and not openly discussing what’s been going on. This makes sense. Thank you.

Allison’s dream is being brutally honest with her and is telling her it’s time to face this issue and stop hiding. Enough already.  But it has had to keep telling her this same message again and again. Now that she finally understands the message, she can act on it, open up about what’s going on and get those kids back… and END the dream once and for all.

Your dreams have important and helpful messages for you too, messages that will help you every single day of your life.

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